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PSPinc will help your business thrive by providing for all of your technology needs. We offer a wide array of products, including Web & Email Hosting, Website Development, Email Marketing and Data Storage Solutions. Visit to learn more.

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Dreamersi Web Hosting

Dreamersi Web Hosting
Dreamersi Web Hosting Now Supports G Suite and Office 365 Email

BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (a full-service domain, web, and email outsourcing company) has announced enhancements to their top of the line hosting service Dreamersi ( Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington - Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. serves 45,000 company clients worldwide.

"We have been providing hosting solutions directly to customers and through resellers since 1996," said Ken Uchikura, Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.'s Founder and President. "It was easy when we started providing hosting services, all we had to do was to provide complete solutions. However, nowadays, customer requirements have changed and we need to provide more customizable solutions."

While traditional, "Domain" + "Email" + "Web" solutions are still in demand, the need for one of those services without the other also exists. In order to accommodate those demands Pacific Software Publishing, Inc., under Dreamersi (, now offers "Email Only" and "Web Only" services at a lower price point than a full service package. This enables customers to choose "Domain and Web Only" services while they are using other email platforms such as Google Suite and Office 365.

It is the goal of Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. to provide services that enable customers to choose what they need without having other options that they do not. People can choose their domain and order "Email Only" and "Web Only" services in addition to the complete package at

About Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Ken Uchikura in his apartment in Mercer Island, Washington. Where the company started to license, translate, localize and export PC software from the US to Japan. Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. started its Internet hosting business in 1996. Currently they host over 45,000 corporate domains with over a quarter of a million email accounts at their own datacenter in Seattle, Washington.

Media contact:
Ken Uchikura

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Print or Send Last-Minute Gift Cards

image source: image source:
Tis the season of giving, but sometimes shipping deadlines get in the way. If you’re in a time crunch to give gifts to friends and family, you’re still in luck. We tech-forward elves at PSP have created a list of great gifts you can easily download and print. That’s right, you don’t even have to leave your house – and who wants to brave the crowd of last-minute shoppers anyway? Not us.

Here’s a pro tip: You can still wrap a printed piece of paper in a bag or even a box. It’s a great way to put some more thought into your gift. After all, what’s represented on a small piece of paper is still a great big gift someone’s going to love. If you’re not going to see your gift recipient in person, pick a gift card you can email direct to their inbox!

The Gift of Entertainment

For the movie enthusiast who needs to see new releases on the big screen, give the gift of Fandango. If your recipient prefers a night in, Netflix might be a better choice. And for the gamer in your life, an Xbox (or other console) gift card might be the perfect fit.

The Gift of Transportation

Especially this time of year with holiday parties, merry celebrations and forthcoming New Year’s Eve gatherings, which often involve drinking, give the gift of convenience and safety with an Uber or Lyft gift card.

The Gift of Travel

Give the gift of adventure and travel, but let your recipient pick the destination and accommodations with a gift card from Airbnb.

The Gift of Dinner Delivery

This time of year there is so much cooking and entertaining to be done. Give your recipient a break from it all with a gift card from Postmates, dinner or grocery delivery in most major cities.

The Gift of Something Artisan

You can’t send your recipient something handmade in time for Christmas, but you can send them a gift card to pick out something handmade on their own time. Etsy is an online mega mall of artisan retailers from all over the world. There is something for everyone.

Since we’re on the topic of ‘click and send,’ PSP offers professional email marketing complete with analytics and templates so your company’s email blast can be sent in a matter of minutes! Check out NewsMAIL for your e-marketing needs, and start by sending a holiday greeting or a special discount exclusively for your email subscribers.
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Opinion Stand ... Explained!!!

Opinion Stand
Complete Opinion Gathering and Marketing System

We have created Opinion Stand to gather people’s opinions, but we did not stop there. We created a way for people to write what’s on their mind. We started with the Kiosk version which is very simple and easy-to-use. From there we created the QR code based opinion gathering system. Lastly, we created a web-based version for people to evaluate websites and their content.

This is a complete system which, with little planning, you can create a powerful marketing message system. Many establishments do not really provide ways to gather people’s opinions. Sure, you can send out a survey, but how many people will take the time to fill it out? Opinion Stand is quick and easy, people do not need to take a lot of time completing it unless they really want to.

You can use Opinion Stand within your business. If you would like to try it for free, please contact us at 1-800-232-3989 or 425-957-0808. You can also email us at . It is a free trial with no obligation.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. <>

Opinion Stand is a service of PSPinc
For more information visit

You can listen to the information above by clicking on the icon below.

It is created using
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Hosting Plans Made Easy

We do not have Black Friday Sale.
We do not have Cyber Monday Sale.
We always post the best possible prices for web and email hosting.
All hosting plan includes .COM or .NET domain registration.

If you have any question regarding your hosting needs, please feel free to contact us.

Call us at 1-800-232-3989 or 425-957-0808
or email
or any technical question, please email
or visit

We will be happy to help you even if you are currently not our customer.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
est. 1987
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Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 Happy Thanksgiving 2019
We are happy to have you as our customer, partner and vendor.
Thank you and have a very happy Thanksgiving.

From all of us at Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
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Check out's brand new website

Check out's br...
We are pleased to announce the release of an all-new NewsMAIL website.

What is NewsMAIL?
NewsMAIL is a powerful tool for creating, broadcasting and tracking email newsletters. Look like a pro and broadcast email newsletters that can be read on any device with a professionally designed, responsive email template.

When using NewsMAIL, you are able to send all kinds of newsletters such as seasonal greetings, introductions to new products, coupons, and articles, All of which allow you to communicate with your customer regularly and directly.

Visit the all-new website at

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All-new InforMakers website now released

All-new InforMakers website ...
We are happy to announce that we have just released the new and improved InforMakers website

What is InforMakers?
InforMakers is a versatile form building tool that allows you to create custom online forms quickly and easily. Your forms are all securely saved to your account where you can edit and view submitted data as needed.
Copy and paste the embed code into whatever websites you want your forms to be displayed on. Using InforMakers, you can create a variety of forms such as survey, feedback, sign-up, and contact forms.

Ready to get started?
All of our Dreamersi web hosting plans comes with full access to InforMakers for free! Or you can sign up for an individual plan at:

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ClickItAudio New Feature Announcement

ClickItAudio New Feature Annou...
Text-to-speech is a technology that synthesizes speech and converts text into spoken audio. Click It Audio is excited to announce the addition of a brand new feature that lets users take advantage of this powerful technology.

Now if you don't want to upload audio, or use your own voice, you can use this powerful feature on your audio embeds.

What are you waiting for? Click It Audio is free-to-use for up to 3 audio embeds. Get started now!

If you would like to know more about ClickItAudio to embed audio to your web pages, business cards, catalogues and brochures, please call us at 1-800-232-3989 or 425-957-0808 or visit
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November Staff Lunch

DIY sandwich bar! DIY sandwich bar! Cookies for dessert Cookies for dessert Tasty sides Tasty sides
We treated our staff to some flavors of Thanksgiving today! There were smiles all around for Honey Baked Ham Co's signature honey ham, roasted turkey, and fresh-baked cookies.
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Text-to-Speech feature is now available on Click It Audio!

Text-to-Speech feature is now...
Thank you for using Bloguru.

We are thrilled to announce that we have released an all-new feature to Click It Audio called Text-to-Speech.
If you already have an account with Click It Audio, the Text-to-Speech feature is available on the Upload Audio section of the user admin panel.

What is Click It Audio?
Click It Audio allows you to grab the attention of your visitors by embedding audio in your website or by scanning a QR code on any print collateral. Upload an audio file and grab a small code snippet for your website or blog, or download the QR code for your business card, menu or any print collateral.

What is Text-to-Speech?
Technology that synthesizes speech. It converts text into spoken voice output.

Text-to-Speech is perfect for people who don’t want to record their own voice or seek to have consistency in voice among all of their audio embeds.

It comes with a variety of accents to choose from.

Try it out for yourself! Sign up for FREE at

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