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  • Get Started with Online Ad Campaigns

Get Started with Online Ad Campaigns

Get Started with Online Ad Ca...
Google AdWords is an easy, user-friendly platform with several options available for advertising your company. You can choose to use search ads, display ads, video ads, app ads, any or all of those, however, unless you’re a programmer or a company with a mobile app, don’t bother with app ads right now.

Search ads are text ads that get displayed in search engine results pages, and display ads are banner ads that get displayed on Google’s partner websites. You may have suspected this, but video ads will be displayed with YouTube (now owned by Google).

Google also has a tool called AdWords Express. It is a setup wizard where you simply answer some questions to get started advertising in the search engine. You’ll answer easy questions, write a basic ad, and Google will deliver it to your target customers. The steps to get started are easy to follow and setup takes about 15 minutes.

If you wish to have multiple campaigns testing a wider variety of key search phrases, ads, and demographics, you may want to consider using Google AdWords’ traditional dashboard. It gives you more controls for measuring and tracking conversions, choosing specific keywords, and targeting a specific demographic of people.

It was only 10 years ago when Google and Yahoo were dominant in the field of online advertising, with their main focus on search ads (text ads). But today, social media is getting a piece of the pie, with sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offering their own sponsored ad space.

When you compare the two giants, Google and Facebook, you find that Google has a reach of 2.6 billion users while Facebook has 1.28 billion users. Facebook can target users’ interests and behaviors based on their likes and shares, whereas Google is more proficient at targeting by location and search terms. Though Facebook does not have a search engine feature for ads, it is gaining more ground with display ads throughout its network.

Whether using social media or search engines or both, you have a lot of easy tools to choose from for your online advertising campaigns. Have a strategy for your campaigns, set your goals, track your conversions and fine tune things as you go. You can only see success if you put some effort into tracking and making adjustments as you go.
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