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After Upgrading to OS X El Capitan

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After Upgrading to OS X El Cap...
After replacing my Mac Pro to Mac Mini and upgrading to OS X El Capitan, I found:

(1) Microsoft Office Require New Versions
(2) Apple Aperture software does not run any more

Well, I have today good bye to Microsoft Office. This is very unfortunate but system did not allow me to transfer license and wanted me to buy a new Office license. Sad, but I decided to delete Microsoft Office.

What hurts more is that Aperture which hold over 100,000 photos are no longer working. Apple wants me to move to Photos ... I am currently backing up all Aperture Photos to Flickr ... One that is done I will be converting everything to Photos. Oh, the error message says I need to upgrade to the latest version of Aperture but there is no such thing as Aperture in App Store.

I also called Apple support ... Can you believe the person I talked to did not know what Aperture is???

This really sucks.
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