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I could not draw this picture until now.

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I could not draw this picture un...
This drawing is based on the image I took of Pompom few hours before I put him to sleep. He loos so happy because I gave him a whole cheese pizza. He is looking at me saying "Is this for me???"

He could not swallow much then. I chewed pizza and gave him. He ate more than he usually do. He was happy. I am not good at good byes. I never thought I had to put him to sleep. I still feel if I did the right thing. Did I do everything I can for him?

I will not forget 15 years I had with him. People ask me if I am ready for another one. I don't think I can go through this again ... So my answer is "NO" at least "NOT YET".

I am sorry if this post made you sad. It has been 6 months ... Pompom is here pushing me live strong until the day I meet him again.
#pompomwashere #pompomiamhere #pompomishere

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