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Customer Feedback Program

Customer Feedback Program
PSPinc has created a customer relationship and employee collaboration system for small businesses called Pilot SBT. SBT stands for Small Business Tool. It is designed to provide everything a small businesses needs to keep track of communication with their customers. This tool is free for all PSPinc’s hosting customers.

In addition to the basic functions of Pilot SBT, we are planning to release many apps that help small businesses. The first app that we are releasing is the customer feedback program.

When you provide a service or customer support in the field, by telephone or even online - this program provides your staff the ability to send an email link to the customer asking them to evaluate the service that you provided. This simple form will take less than a minute to complete and provides your customer with a method to let you know how you did.

Customers can give their experience a good or bad rating. When you receive a bad rating, you immediately know what went wrong. This service is one of the most effective ways for you to keep in touch with your customers and encourage your staff to provide their best effort. We can customize the feedback form to suit your company's needs. All feedback will be recorded within that customer's section of Pilot SBT for your review and delivered to the necessary stakeholders via email.

If you are interested in using this feedback system, please let me know. We will wave the initial setup fee and have you online within a day. For more information, please contact me.
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