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Golf Sunday ... It is different and special today.

Golf Sunday ... It is different a... Golf Sunday ... It is different a... Golf Sunday ... It is different a... Golf Sunday ... It is different a... Golf Sunday ... It is different a...
Today was a special day of golfing. However, it wasn't about how well I played; I only managed to complete 9 holes. What made it special was that I walked the entire 9 holes.

You might be wondering why this is a big deal. Well, it's the first time in over 2 years that I've been able (or even attempted) to walk the golf course. I was genuinely tired and exhausted by the end, but it left me feeling good. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for the physical challenge of 18 holes on foot just yet, but I'm determined to get there.

My new goal is to be able to walk 18 holes by next summer.

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