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  • How to Track your Online Advertising Campaigns

How to Track your Online Advertising Campaigns

How to Track your Online Adv...
Advertising, online or offline, is only the starting point of your marketing campaign. You can’t reach your full potential for success without a mechanism to track and understand your campaign performance. Without tracking, you can’t measure your return on investment, nor will you know what’s working and what’s not working, or what adjustments you can make to do better. So, let’s go over the key things to know about analytics for your website:

Website Traffic

Most web hosting services, such as PSPINC in Bellevue, give their customers analytics data in order to view their web traffic sources. Our Dreamersi web hosting platforms come with analytics data built in. If you have a company website, I assume you also have analytics too, but if you don’t, you should stop everything and get it. First check with your web hosting company, but Google Analytics also has a free tool you can use. You will want to know if your traffic has increased or not after your ad campaign goes live.

Visitor Demographics

You will want analytics that can show the demographic of visitors coming to your site. It’s a good idea to compare your site visitors before the campaign went live and after to see if you’re bringing in your target market. With certain analytics in place you may be able to track where people live, ages, genders and more. And hopefully your campaigns are reaching the type of customers you want to target.

Click Through Rate

Click throughs are measured with CTR: Click Through Rate. The CTR is important to your online advertising because it tells you how many people were enticed to click on your ad per how many people saw it. If you do not have a good CTR, that means your ad campaign, your message, offer, or visual should be adjusted to attract potential customers.


Conversions can be defined by your own goals. For those who click your ad links or banner ads, what is your main goal for them? Is it for them to call you? Is it for them to visit more than three pages of your site? Whatever you define as your goal for your campaigns, you will need to track that performance. So, of those visitors you brought through click throughs, how many of them took the action you wanted will help you determine your conversion rate.

Cost Performance

Take the numbers above, and divide the actual dollar amount you spent on your campaign. That will give you cost performance indicators. For example, if you got 1000 new visitors, costing you $1000, and 10 of them actually sign up for your inquiry forms, your cost performance is: $1 per visitor and $100 per lead. Now you can determine if $100 per lead was reasonable for your business.
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