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How to Claim your Business Online

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How to Claim your Business On...
If your business doesn’t do much with social media or online marketing, you may not even realize reviews are being posted about you without you even knowing. That is not a good situation, especially if those reviews are negative.

Our philosophy is it’s better to be proactive than reactive, therefore, I encourage entrepreneurs to take control of the situation and take control of their online presence. To do this, you have to claim your business online so you become in charge of its virtual presence, including the management of those reviews.

Here are some of the better-known online platforms in which to claim your business:


Google is number 1. You should definitely claim your business on Google. It provides a special tool called Google My Business, making it very simple to claim your business. You submit your claim to your business and wait for a postcard to arrive in the mail so Google can verify your claim. You can manage your map, the search results page photos, and much more.


On Facebook, you can set up a business or organization page. It’s easy to do: open a business or an organization page from the “Create Page” menu. If a page already exists for your business that shouldn’t be live, you can submit a claim to Facebook to take back control of the page.

Although Google and Facebook do cover the majority of networks for your clients, you might also want to consider checking your existence on the following sites:

- Yelp
- TripAdvisor
- Any other local micro sites

Remember, being in control requires you to be proactive, not reactive, so get started searching and claiming your company online!
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