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Why you Should Set up a Business Facebook Page

Why you Should Set up a Busi...
Most people by now have their own personal Facebook accounts, but not everyone is set up with a business account. Does your business have a Facebook account yet? You might think, “Oh no, another thing to do!?” Well, yes, you’d better at least set up a page so no one else hijacks your company identity on Facebook. What could be worse than someone operating with false information under your business name on a platform used by just about everybody?

Without naming the company involved, here’s a true story which will help explain our point above…

We met with a potential client on the West Coast. They asked us to give some SEO feedback so we searched their name on Google. Along with their official website domain name, we found some Facebook search results that linked back to their corporate Facebook page. When we clicked the search result, we got a shock.

The company’s employees had a holiday party a few years back, and they decided to post pictures on Facebook, tagging many of their employees in photos, and created a Facebook page that claimed to be the company’s page. To make matters worse, the holiday party was not an official company party, it just happened to be several employees drinking at a party in the bar.

Although nothing illegal was going on, I’m pretty sure the company’s owner did not appreciate having employees’ personal photos and conduct representing the official company Facebook page.

So, now are you ready to set up your page?

Facebook recently introduced more tools for businesses, called Facebook Business. The instructions are very simple, and from there you can also create ads and pages. Don’t ignore this step or you might regret it later on. Be proactive about representing your business online!
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