Another meal that is not so common in Japan

I has Mediterranean lunch today.
I don't remember ever seeing Mediterranean place in Japan ... I am sure there is but there i snot so many.
One good thing is that Japan is getting ready for 2020 Olympics. So many of restaurants are staring to get ready for more international tourists. That includes more HALAL and KOSHER meals.
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Steak Salad is not on a Menu in Japan

Steak Salad at 13 Coins in Bellevue, WA
Steak salad ... actually any salad as a stand alone meal does not exist in Japan.
Salad is something you start your meal with. Not a meal by itself.
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Carlos Ghosn and Japanese Police

A prominent business executive has been arrested on suspicion that he may have underreported his deferred compensation to the government. He has been interrogated without his lawyers being present and has been held in a detention center for more than two weeks without being formally charged with any crime. His detention has now been further extended.

His access to a lawyer is strictly limited to short daily meetings, and his lawyers are forbidden to attend interrogation sessions. Visits by family members are not permitted. He will not be given bail unless he admits his guilt, and he may be detained for as long as 22 days without being charged with any crime. At the end of this initial period, he may be arrested again on suspicion of another uncharged crime and held for an additional 22 days. This process may be repeated, and he detained for months with no formal charges or more information on the accusations.


Human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have criticized the length of permissible detention in this country, and the prohibition against lawyers being allowed to attend interrogation sessions, as being too conducive to extracting confessions by abusive tactics. These tactics have contributed to what the Economist has described as rising “false convictions” that have been brought to light in recent years. These police and prosecutorial tactics are all too typical of authoritarian regimes such as Iran, Cuba, China, Russia and Turkey.

But the arrest and detention above is taking place in a democratic ally of the United States. This country is Japan.

Read on ...

I do not like Japanese system.
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Eggs are cheaper in Japan

I do not know why but eggs are much cheaper in Japan than the US. Japanese people consume row eggs ... so they must be tested for that too.
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Steak is better in the USA?!

Ribeye Steak in the USA
Medium Rare
Do you think steaks a better in the USA?
How about steaks in Japan?
I am not talking about Wagyu or Kobe Beef Steak.
I am talking about an Angus Beef Steak.

Japanese Ikinari Steak has a good Angus Beef Steak for very reasonable price.
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Company Holiday Party

We our holiday party on the first Friday of December every year.
Look what we have served?
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Something I found about Japan.

People in Japan, and Tokyo in particular, work a ridiculous amount, in a way that’s hard to comprehend if you live in, say, sunny California. Take a former student of mine, Naoko, who worked as a programmer. She worked—wrap your head around this—twenty hours a day.

“Every day at 4 a.m.,” she said, “they’d turn off the lights and we’d sleep at our desks for four hours.

“Did you have locker rooms?” I asked. “What about clothes?

“I just wore the same clothes, but on Sunday I’d go home for half a day, to shower. The men only went home once a month.

“That must have smelled pretty nice. How long’d you do that for?

“Five years and three months,” she said.

Okay, so maybe that’s an extreme example. A more typical case is probably my former student Masahiro, who’s an executive at a famous beverage manufacturer. He works from 9 a.m. until to midnight, six days a week, with a 15-minute lunch break at his desk. He has Sunday off, which is when he studies English.

“I have it easy,” he said, “since I work at an international company. Japanese places are a lot worse.”

“Do you ever see your wife?” I asked.

“I see her on Sunday,” he said.

“But Sunday’s when you come here to study English,” I pointed out.

“Ah, good point,” he said.

For most people, it comes down to two choices: work like mad as a single person and have a tiny apartment full of dirty clothes and half-eaten Cup Ramen containers, or get married. That way, the man goes off to work, and when he comes home after midnight, his dinner is sitting on the table covered in Saran Wrap, and there’s hot water in the tub. His wife and daughter are already asleep. Shopping, ironing, cleaning, paying the bills, everything’s taken care of for him. All he has to do is bring home a paycheck. The woman gets to do all the fun, fulfilling things like taking care of baby, grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking meals. Sometimes I’ll ask my adult students how often they see their spouses, or ask the kids when they see their fathers. The answer is roughly on par with how often I’ve seen the Easter Bunny. I am, however, a big fan of marshmallow Peeps, so maybe it’s not as infrequent as you think.

The young Japanese people of today grew up watching their parents live this life, and it’s understandable if they’re not thrilled about this option. Marriage isn’t a great choice; it’s just the second-worst option. For a man, it means he’s working to pay for his wife. For a woman, it means a life of indentured servitude. A lot of people are apparently “just saying no” to the whole thing.

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Strange Bottle

Evangelion ?
$3.50 for vending machine soda ... Maybe because of the shoe of the bottle.
I should have bought it.
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Japanese People are Not So Religious

Japanese people consider themselves most as Buddhist and Shinto Believer. But they are not so religious at all. They go to Cristian church in the Christmas and go to Shrines and Temples on the New Year Day. People wed in Christian Churches or Shinto Shrines to Buddhist Temples depending what they feel like.

Because they do not belong to one religion, they don't have much opinion about any other religion either. So when you see Japanese people praying at temples or shrines, do not think they are very religious. In many cases, they are praying "JUST IN CASE" most of the times.
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Relax in Japan

When I travel to Japan, I usually spend most of my time in the city like Tokyo and Osaka. But once in a while I get to travel and relax at countryside. Japanese garden and onset (hot springs) are my favorite spots. Eating traditional Japanese food is so relaxing too.
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