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No Change

People want to change. They want to change the way we work, the way we face customers, the way we report and so on. But, you as a leader teach them how to do their work and if they do it differently, you tell them not to change. It is a mixed message. You want to embrace the change but you tell people not to change.

It is my belief that I as a manager should tell people what I want to accomplish and have people come up with the ways to do it. When people present their ideas, you have to carefully look at them and tell them if there are any ideas that have already been tried and failed. You need to explain why some of the ways may not work from your experiences.

This is to stop people from making the same mistakes you have made. You need to be open to their ideas. If you want to try the new idea, you need to start small and test it out before you implement it fully. Change should not be feel like change. We should be able to change so gradually that people feel comfortable.

Do not change for the sake of change. Instead of changes you might want to implement small improvements. It is called 改善(Kaizen) in Japanese. Changes are called 改革(Kaikaku). If you implement enough improvements, looking back they look like big changes.
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