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Dialysis Needs to be Globalized

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Dialysis Needs to be Globalized
Dialysis Needs to be Globalized

There are 800,000 people in the US and 300,000 people in Japan who are on dialysis. Dialysis is not a cheap treatment but fortunately governmental and private insurance covers almost all the cost. Many people who have complete kidney failures need dialysis 3 times a week.

I developed diabetes when I was in 30s’ and it lead to me having kidney disease. I had liver surgery on Feb 25 and my kidneys did not do well and I was put on dialysis for the first time. Once you started dialysis, it appears that I have to continue the treatment. I on dialysis twice a week now … not three times a week.

I can travel to anywhere in the US and my insurance will cover the treatments. However, if I travel overseas to Japan, my insurance will not cover any dialysis cost. The dialysis treatment in Japan will cost about $350 to $450 per treatment. This applies to the people in Japan traveling to the US. People from Japan has to pay $700 to $1,200 for dialysis treatment.

This makes it impossible for many people who need dialysis to travel overseas. I think it will be great idea to come up with a treaty between the counties to provide mutual dialysis cost control measures. Or insurance companies to come up with the global insurance plan.

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