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I will be 60 next year ... Time passes so fast. 60 is the age my father died. So, what can I do to leave my mark using the time I have left. We rarely think about the end. But it will come. We usually do not know when. So we need to make sure we do our best.

Thinking of Social Network

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Thinking of Social Network
I realized few things about Social Network.

Fist of all, it is impossible to be liked by everyone. At the same time, no matter how bad you are, there will be someone who likes you. So they key is know who you want to be liked and design your post around those people. If you want to sell your products, you need to know who might buy your products.

As you get more popular, you will be hated by some people ... You need to ignore them. Yes, they are like back ground noise. No matter what you do, they will hate you. Look at President Trump ... people will find the way to hate him and say thing like "he has done nothing."

Do not try to convince someone about your way of thinking. There will be people understand your way and there will be people just do not even try understand. Don't waste your time and effort. They will not change.

Don't be discouraged when there is nobody likes you. Keep doing what you are doing, there will be people there for you. If will get nothing when you quit. Just spend little time writing anything. Continuation is more important than one good article. Good luck and keep writing.
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