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I am starting my COMPUTEX 2019 Review

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I am starting my COMPUTEX 2... I am starting my COMPUTEX 2...
I am stating to compel the list of things to do after visiting Computex 2019 in Taipei Taiwan.


According to Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan is supposed to be a prat of China and US does not have diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. Therefore US does not have US Embassy in Taiwan.

Well, instead the US has "American Institute in Taiwan" I Taipei. However, this organization is listed on flooring web page.

Yes, it is listed in US Embassy website. So, do not make mistake, Taiwan is an independent country what has diplomatic relationship with the US. We should not mic this country with People Republic of China (Communist China).

This happened under Trump Administration.

Following the passage of the Taiwan Travel Act by the U.S. Congress on March 16th, 2018, relations between the United States and Taiwan have since maneuvered to an official and high-level basis. Did US media said anything about this?

With this note I am sure Bloguru may be banned in China.
#Cmputex2019 #TaipeiTaiwan

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