Sunday Brunch

Every Sunday morning I go to a restaurant to have breakfast / lunch (Brunch) ...
Would you like to join me?

Today, I was at Hilton Bellevue ... They had Father's Day Brunch starting 9:30am ... I was there 8:30am and able to eat standard breakfast.

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I found this at COMPUTEX 2019

One of the products I found at COMPUTEX 2019 was a pen for Microsoft Surface Tablet/Laptop. The original Microsoft Pen costs $99 where as this pen costs less than 1/2 of that. They are being sold in the US online but they are looking for a distributor in the US.
#Computex2019 #kiroboto #uchikuraco #valueproposition #marketing #onlinesales #pspinc

People Who Wowed This Post

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