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Dangerous Car

Dangerous Car
When I was leaving* Hakuba Green Sports Park in Hakuba, Nagano, I saw this Toyota Hilux. It has several cool features, e.g. (= for example) a retro paintjob, a fire extinguisher on the roof, a tailgate loader on the back, & a 'danger' sign on the front. If I bought this car, I would leave** all those features on it.

- * leave (過去形: left) = 出る
- ** leave (過去形: left) = 置く

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Commented by Yoshiaki
Posted at 2018-08-10 06:07

You liked it ,didn't you? 
I think the car belongs to some gas station. 
Probably a fire extinguisher and sign are obligation for only gas station . 
So if you bought this car, 
you should remove these. 
Otherwise you should be checked by police.But paint is nice. So if you drive it after removing them the car and driver will be awesome.

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