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  • Osaka in Australia

Osaka in Australia

Osaka in Australia
Tera-chan asks Teragoya Otto about the 2019 Australian Open:

T: Did you watch the tennis on Saturday?
O: Yes, I did.
T: Who won?
O: Naomi Osaka won.
T: Who did she beat?
O: She beat a Czech player called Petra Kvitova
T: Where did you watch it?
O: I watched it at Marquee Australian Bar in Gifu
T: Did you drink beer while you watched it?
O: Of course.
T: Who paid for your beer?
O: Me, of course! Why?
T: I heard that you sometimes try to get other people to pay for your beer...
O: What? Who told you that?!
T: Oh, I forget. Bye...!

- Who + 動詞...? = 誰が動詞(する / した)…?
- Who + did + 誰か + 動詞...? = 誰かが誰に/を動詞(した)…?

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