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Hideki Matsuyama - Great Golf Player (or Great Golfer?)

Hideki Matsuyama - Great Golf...
On the weekend, Hideki Matsuyama became the first Japanese golf player to win the U.S. Masters golf tournament. Congratulations!

Have you ever played golf? I guess a lot of Japanese will be inspired to play golf after hearing this news.

- 'golf' is a noun (名詞), but recently some people started using it as a verb (動詞) e.g. 'go golfing' & 'we golfed yesterday'. Personally, I think it sounds strange. Also, 'golfer' sounds like 'gopher' (ホリネズミ).

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Commented by Yoshitaka
Posted at 2021-04-16 19:08

I watched Mastar's golf final round on TV. Congratulat ion! HIDEKI! I feel like best machting green jacket in all of Japanese 
after lesson I read all sentence. 
I understood means of facemask , similler sentence and pronounc iation.

People Who Wowed This Post