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Marketing Message

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Marketing Message
I just received the following email for the Web development.
I understand what they are trying communicate but I think this is a bad message. Sure, you don't want to compete in just price but your price should be competitive. Also, the fact that this is sent to me, they have done do research on who they are sending this email to. They just purchased the mailing list and blasted thermal. It's just stupid.

A lot of Internet services are starting to appear like a commodity. If you like to stand out, you really need to come up with the message that resonate with people. You need to make sure you are

- Price
- Reliability
- Track Record
- Knowledge
- Something Special

And you need to convey that message in a shot time and this message is not it.

Yes, there are thousands of web-designers out there. And sure, they offer you
a great price, but what's the real cost?
Many of these fly-by-night developers don't deliver their work on time and
even when they don't just disappear completely, seem unable to return your
calls or emails promptly. And of course, the high quality they promised is
seldom there when they do actually deliver your website or mobile app.

We don't compete on price. We do compete on quality, communication,
on-time delivery and overall professionalism.
#Business #Marketing

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