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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 149 About Sales

Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. ...

About Sales

Have you ever heard a story about a top salesperson in one industry who left that company to become the top salesperson in a new company, even though it was in a different industry? Is that person a genius? If not, have you ever wondered how such a thing is possible?

What is it that salespeople do? Simply put, it is the job of selling things. What do you need to do that? When you think about it, most people would say knowledge of things and market trends. That's not true. Selling is a job that involves building relationships with people, starting with listening to what the customer needs.

A salesperson that looks at the market and the product is talking to the customer about the function and value that the product offers. A product is simply a tool for the customer. The purpose of a tool is to increase the efficiency of the company, to reduce costs, to shorten the time it takes to complete tasks, or to increase sales. It is pointless for salespeople to explain these things here. Rather, it is important to understand what the customer wants. What they want and what they are dissatisfied with is not a function of the product.

Therefore, a top salesperson can sell anything if they can listen to the customer's complaints and wishes. Knowledge of things is the result of being able to communicate with customers. Listening to the customer is not dependent on the industry. That's why a top salesperson in one industry can move from that company and become a top salesperson in a new company even though it is in a different industry.

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