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A Few New Floats

A Few New Floats
When I went to Fukui last week, I was pleased to find some more fishing floats on the beach. I added a few* of the nicer ones to my display case collection. It looks better now, right?

Nowadays I have few** chances to do serious beachcombing, so I wondered when I would be able to complete my display case collection. I`m glad I`ve completed it.

- * a few + 名詞 = 4/5/6
- ** few + 名詞 = 少ない
#趣味 #アート

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Commented by Yoshitaka
Posted at 2019-11-22 17:32

two pieces increased? 
a few piece are replace on the board. 
if each display compair to search for mistake, it's interesting?

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Teragoya Otto
Commented by Teragoya Otto
Posted at 2019-11-22 20:31

Haha. Yes - it`s kind of like a `Spot the Difference` (違いを見つける) puzzle, right? How many differences could you find in the end?

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