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Already & Not Yet New Year`s Cards

Already & Not Yet New Y...
Have you prepared your New Year`s cards yet? I`ve finished making a rubber stamp, and I`ve already (既に) printed & sent a few cards to family & friends outside Japan but I haven`t sent any to people in Japan yet. I have to do that by the 25th. You too!

By the way, have you ever had a carving set like this? It`s my wife`s, from when she was a student.


-Have you +「 過去分詞」 + yet? = 「過去分詞」をもうしたか?
- Have you ever + 「過去分詞? 」= 「過去分詞」をしたことはあるか?
- I`ve already +「 過去分詞 」= もうすでに「過去分詞」をした
- I haven`t + 「過去分詞」 + yet = まだ「過去分詞」していない(したことがない)
- I`ve 過去分詞 yet: WRONG (間違い)

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