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Pen-on-wing X-Wing

Pen-on-wing X-Wing
I found this plastic model in a wardrobe at my parents` house in Australia. It belonged to my younger brother when he was a kid. He must have put it there & forgotten about it. I decided to bring it to Japan & put it together with my kids. A couple of the guns for the wings were missing or broken, so I put parts of old Teragoya pens there instead. Finally, I put the finished model in my kids` room, hanging from the ceiling. Looks good!

Don`t forget to use an object (目的語) with 'put':
“Where did you put the model?” “I put IT in my room.” "Why did you put IT there?" etc. ["Where did you put?": WRONG "I put in my room": WRONG]
#アート #趣味

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