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Biwa Beachcombing

Biwa Beachcombing
On Saturday I took a daytrip to Biwa Lake. I went to Maibara Station by train, then rode my folding bike (折りたたみ自転車) down* to a beach near Hikone Castle, where I found a couple of small rubber balls, a lure, a float, & some lighters with a little gas left in them (I was going to use them to make a small fire to make coffee, but there was a convenience store across the road, so I just bought coffee there instead).

I didn`t ride far on Saturday, but when I packed up my bike & carried it up** the stairs at the station, my legs felt tired. I guess I walked a lot without realising it.

- 'down' = *南 or 下
- 'up' = 北 or **上
#アウトドア #アート

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