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First Blog!!

First Blog!!
Hello. This is Otto from Teragoya`s Ichinomiya branch. Welcome to my first ever blog! I hope you`ll find something to interest you here. I will use English, but I will try to use pretty easy English so if you are Japanese or New Zealander, don`t worry - I`m sure you can understand! If you don`t, please send me a comment and I`ll try to help.
Also, you can send me a comment to answer questions that I include in my blog. If you want to practise communicating in English, this is your chance! Don`t worry about mistakes, just write what you think and enjoy thinking and writing in English. I`m looking forward to hearing your comments - really!
By the way, this photo is of Yuko, Nikko, Eriko, Rose and I celebrating Eriko`s birthday.
What kind of cake do you like? I like cakes with not many candles on top. Unfortunately I haven`t received one for a long time...

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Commented by michiko
Posted at 2010-05-24 05:09

I've not eaten some birthday cake for a long time too.But I've not fun my birthday reacently,when it has been around my age.

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