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オビヒトリ (Spilarctia subcarnea) Moth

オビヒトリ (Spilarct...
Look at this cool moth. I saw it on the station platform today. A station attendant watched me while I was taking a photo of it. He probably thought, “Strange foreigner...” Lol. I don`t mind.

See, look at, watch の使い方はちょっと違います.
- See: 見かける感じ
- Look at: (ちゃんと/じっと)眺める, 見る感じ
- Watch: 動いているものを、しばらく見る感じ
#昆虫 #虫

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Commented by Kahori
Posted at 2022-05-26 01:58

When I went to the "Insects Exhibition" before, I saw butterflies like moths and moths like butterflies.

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Teragoya Otto
Commented by Teragoya Otto
Posted at 2022-06-10 19:01

Yes, most people have an image of brown or grey moths, but some species are colorful. Likewise, some butterflies are brown or grey, not colorful.

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