Learning how to Coach in English ("Brilliant Coaching", Day3), Mindset

A directive manager???
A non-directive, coaching manager???
Hello everyone!

I am an executive coach supporting and encouraging people who work in companies or organizations.

I will continue putting some key points about coaching at work while reading the book titled "Brilliant Coaching" by Julia Starr.

Chapter 3. Mindset of a coaching manager

(1) "a highly directive manager" tends to have;

- Good managers stay in control / do the 'right' things
- Problem solving, decision making
- Giving clear instruction
- Questioning for clarification

This mindset is not bad or wrong; there are times when this directive model creates positive leadership. However, this model exposes pitfalls including;

- The leader/manager puts themselves under pressure to know everything and 'be right' all the time.
- The team assumes that the leader/manager wants to be involved and 'give answers'.
- In the tendency to rely on the leader/manager, the team appear lazy, demotivated or lacking in confidence.

(2) "a coaching manager" tends to have;

- My subordinates can create great solutions.
- My contribution includes growing and developing people.
- Focused listening, open questions, constructive feedback
- Encouraging others to think and act responsibly

(3) developing your own style

It is not meant to say that either model of the two above is right or wrong, but to highlight the impact of a manager's worldview.

When you have the skills to manage in both a directive and non-directive way, you can adapt to situations and people to produce consistently good results.

Develop real flexibility and you have true choice.

That' all for today. See you tomorrow!

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