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What to Consider before Moving your Business into the Cloud

What to Consider before Movin...
According to, the size of the cloud computing and hosting market worldwide grew from a $30 billion size industry back in 2011 to $80 billion today, which will grow to be over $100 billion industry in a year or so. That is big.

The accessibility, availability, and affordability of the cloud are driving that cloud computing growth because those benefits to businesses are almost too good to be true. But there are a few key elements to consider when evaluating whether or not your business should move into the cloud.


The initial cost to move into the cloud may be way lower than trying to get a similar system in your office. For example, if you are looking at a new inventory software, you will not need to purchase any computers, server operating systems, etc. Depending on your choice of software, you could subscribe to a SaaS (Software as a Service) instead. You will need to analyze the initial costs vs. the subscription-based running costs.

Workflow & Policies:

Once you move your data and software into the cloud, your business workflow and policies must be reviewed and re-established accordingly. For example, your cloud-based data storage may be charged based on the average space used. In which case, you don’t want your employees to save every single thing in the cloud since it will cost you more. Make sure they know what needs to be in the cloud and what doesn’t, and ask your team to follow those procedures accordingly.

Internet Speed:

You will be at the mercy of internet connection once you move to the cloud. Luckily, even our cell phones now have faster speed but be aware - it will not work the same as you running your software on your own computer. Your office (or home) internet speed may affect your productivity once your projects move into the cloud.

Monitoring & Troubleshooting:

When your in-office server access was slow, you used to just reboot it. But once you move your server to the cloud, how will you monitor and troubleshoot any issues? Depending on the service you choose, you may have different protocols to follow. You can’t simply unplug the power of the server. You and your office staff need to know who to call and what to do at any time.

Plan B:

No matter how you put it together, no system is 100% perfect. Trust me, at PSPinc Web Hosting in Bellevue, we have run our own servers and data centers over 20 years. Murphy’s Law does exist: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” So be prepared, have a Plan B, and don’t put all your eggs into one basket.
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