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The Future of Digital Marketing

Mall Scene from "Minority Rep... Mall Scene from "Minority Report"
All of the online media giants are working hard to profile consumers through our mobile devices and our web browsers because they know we do not wish to be the recipients of just another meaningless ad. Today’s consumers are much more active in product searches and product reviews. We’re inundated with information in front of our screens, so if ads are going to get through to us, they have to be relevant to our interests, searches, or browsing history.

Think of the scene in the movie, “Minority Report” where Tom Cruise is walking through the mall while personalized ads are literally speaking to him about products he should try. In the movie, when customers walk into the Gap store, a virtual greeter identifies them and makes reference to something they bought previously.

“Minority Report” is a futuristic version of what we are already seeing with “remarketing ads" on our own browsers. Because of profiling, the media giants like Google and Facebook know a lot about us, our interests, and where we have been online. They know what we’re viewing, searching, buying, and that allows them to help companies like yours place ads in front of the right audience.

For example, if you are a Google Android user, Google not only knows what is in your Gmail account, but the GPS app also logs where (or to which store) you might be going. With mobile wallet, they will soon know your purchases and therefore your interests, preferences, and even make assumptions about your personality.

The future of advertising is all about customizing the message. It is all about identifying each one of us as a consumer - a potential customer - and showing us products or services at the right time.

Regardless of your company size, you can take advantage of these smart digital marketing tools to get your message in front of the right people. This is the future of advertising, and it’s an opportunity to take advantage of a technology in advertising that provides quality lead generation.
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