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Content is Key for the Health of your Website

Content is Key for the Health o...
Finishing your website is only the beginning of your long endeavor to succeed online. Maintaining your website will be your lifelong mission (or your business’ lifelong mission) in order to keep it effective and get you good results.

So how do you do that? By keeping it fresh and continuously updating your site, adding content regularly. Here are a few ideas…

1) Blog

One of the most commonly known methods for updating your site is having a blog. You can give your expert advice to your audience once or twice a week like I do (*smile*). There are website tools, ours included, which make it so the blog posts can be embedded into your homepage. Before you build your site, make sure these tools are available to you and you understand how to use them.

2) Newsletter

If you are sending newsletters to customers, you can also publish those as new web pages. Be sure your website allows you to add and post more pages because you should create a new web page for each newsletter you archive after it gets sent out, giving you lots of keyword-rich content for better search engine optimization.

3) Photo Gallery

If you don’t want to write a lot of content, you can take photos of your work, your team, or your clients, your products, etc. You can set up a photo gallery on your website and post each image with a short comment. Again, be sure your website includes a tool for you to add photos with comments easily.

4) Client of the Month

Featuring a different client every month is good exposure for them and you. It’s a win-win especially if you can highlight your client’s business. On a client spotlight page, explain what you did for your client and update it once a month. This will highlight different stories about your business and give more credibility to your company.

5) Testimonials

Testimonials can be placed on your homepage, or snippets within each page. Like reviews on social media, customer feedback from their experiences can be more powerful than yours. You could even make a video and post them on your YouTube channel and embed it in your page.

Without updates and fresh content, your search engine ranking will drop. So however you decide to add it, be consistent and update on a regular basis. The key to success in any form is consistency, and only with discipline can you achieve such consistency and success in your business.
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