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More Ways to Use Online Forms

More Ways to Use Online Forms
Online surveys and contact forms on your website are great for business, but check out the following ways you can take it to the next level:

Sign-Up Sheet

You can easily create a sign-up sheet that registers people to receive your e-newsletter. Talk to your newsletter provider so you can automate this process. You can create a little pop-up box that appears when someone comes to your site, making it easy for them to connect to your newsletter, or take a survey, contact you, etc.

Anonymous Opinions

This option is great for internal company use. Have a form to collect anonymous opinions from employees. Sometimes it’s easier for someone to submit their opinion knowing that it is anonymous. Online forms can be created to generate a safe space for people to share their honest opinions without giving up their identities.

Requests for Quotes or Call Backs

Not every business has a 24-hour sales department to answer potential client calls. Oftentimes, web users would prefer to have the option for a call back or request for estimate rather than having to sit on hold, or punch through an automated phone system before they can talk to someone. Having a simple “Request to Receive Call” or “Call Me” form will help these customers from losing their interest. Don’t forget to follow up promptly though.


When you need an RSVP, build a simple form on your website and make it easy for people to respond. The ability to submit an RSVP online will capture more people who are online at different times during the day. You may get more responses that way.


Sometimes we forget to ask happy customers to give us their feedback and reviews. Have a place where people can easily submit their reviews online so you can use them in your marketing campaigns. You can ask a few simple questions on your form to help stimulate the feedback if necessary. Capturing such information is priceless for a business to enhance its level of services and products.
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