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How to Live Stream Videos on Social Media

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Within your social media apps, you can stream live videos easily via your devices. This means your followers can watch in real time as you’re recording something. You don’t have to have special streaming servers, or any special cameras and equipment. You simply need to be connected to your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube apps.

In your Facebook app, all you have to do is click on the live video button in your status. This will let you select the group of followers who can see your video, along with options to accept donations, and add information such as a description or location. At the end of your live broadcast, you have the option to store the video, make it available for viewing, or delete it.

YouTube works a bit differently. You first need to have your YouTube channel set. If you have not done so, please refer to my previous article on January 11, “How to setup a YouTube Channel for your Business.”

Once you have your channel set up, in your channel’s management menu, you will see the “Live Streaming” option. YouTube also allows you to choose your audience, the distribution, and the methods of delivery.

Both media platforms can be used to benefit and advertise your business. See some of the following examples for ideas of things you might broadcast to your followers:

- Live stream a simple recipe if you’re a chef, a kitchen supply company, a food company.
- A food prep demonstration from your restaurant's kitchen of the daily special to boost interest and reservations.
- Travel agent discussing hot spots to visit and what deals people can get right now on accommodations and flights.
- A small fashion show to live stream the latest clothing line from a store.
- Live stream your computer support team in action so customers can see who they’re talking to when they call in.
- Live stream product demonstrations to show how something works or how something gets assembled.
- Live stream details for a one-day-only sale at your store, and feature what items are discounted.

Live video streaming brings you closer than ever to your customers. It gives you the chance to be creative and reach out to those customers via the internet in a unique way.
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