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CES 2018: Voice Commands to Manage the Home

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Our last article touched on smart speakers, such as Amazon’s Alexa. Let’s take it one step further to see what kinds of tasks a smart speaker can initiate via its connectivity to your home. As your home appliances and entertainment become more connected to an ultra hi-speed Internet, you’ll have more opportunity to manage your home by voice command. For instance, did you know Alexa can be integrated with certain microwaves to pop your popcorn on command? We think that’s a fun feature; check it out here:

Currently, it’s a battle between Google and Amazon for the most popular smart speaker. It’s reported the in-home speaker market is split between Amazon 70% versus Google 23%. Those stats may change, however, depending on which platform appliance manufacturers choose to integrate with.

But voice commands aren’t just for speakers. The artificial intelligence is also getting integrated directly into your home appliances, home security, and entertainment systems. At some point you may find yourself simply asking your microwave to defrost your 2 lb. chicken breast rather than pushing the buttons to do so.

It will be very interesting to see how this artificial intelligence for our homes and offices evolves and shifts in popularity. From smart speakers to smart appliances, smart lighting and more, appliance manufacturers are working quickly to simplify everything in our lives.
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