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Understanding the Behavior of Search Engine Result Pages

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Before you can go to work picking out your keywords, first you need to understand that a specific keyword search may produce different results for different people.

Search engines have gotten very smart. They know our location, interests based on previous searches, purchases, and a lot more about us based on our online behavior over time. What does that mean to us? It means the example I’m going to use may give you different search results than it gives me.

For this example, I’ll use the keyword “electric bike.” To make things a bit less bias, I’m going to log out of my Gmail account and type for you what I’m seeing in real time:

So here I am on, typing the word “electric bike” and Google tries to autofill other possible popular keywords as I type, like “electric bike reviews.” I stick with “electric bike” and get about 23.5 million results from those two words. That is a huge number. How can a business expect to be found even once by someone in such a big pool of results!

The search result page before me shows sponsored online shops selling electric bikes (so paid-for ads), as well as the definition of electric bicycle on the side. And just below some top story news, I finally reach some “organic” search results, along with the Google map of local shops that sell electric bikes. If you search for “electric bike” you may see something similar with slight variations to something very different.

Now, if you’re in the business of selling electric bikes, what can you do to be found among all those results? We’ll start discussing that in the following articles…
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