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YouTube Video Clip Ideas for your Business

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Videos can bring you in sync with your customers by humanizing your business. And with today’s tools, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in production costs. In fact, you can use your tablet, your smart phone or a USB camera to create quality video messages.

Based on the stats showing the popularity of online videos, you can bet your video will have a much higher chance of getting clicked on than a link in your email blast, or a button on your homepage. If the odds are that good, video marketing is definitely worth exploring and testing.

Consider some of the following topics you could film:

1) Season’s greetings message
2) Staff introductions
3) How-to lessons
4) Product demonstrations
5) History of your company
6) Important company milestones, awards or anniversaries
7) Customer thank you message
8) Introducing promotions

You can upload videos to your YouTube account directly from your smart phone, or simply download the clip onto your computer and upload through YouTube’s browser. It’s that simple, and your message doesn’t have to be very long. As we stated before, many videos online are less than two minutes long.

We recently embedded video links into our PSPINC newsletters. The videos introduce our tech support team, so customers can put faces and names with the voices they hear on the phone when they call in.

The video results were incredible. We not only had higher click-throughs and views on these videos, customers started responding to the messages and engaging with us more.

Think about what you want your video message to say. But before getting started, you need to set a goal for your video. Like any other marketing strategy, a means without goals will not get the results you want.
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