I want to make sure ClickItAudio remains as an engine people / web developers / designers can use to create application that require audio. My motto is to "Keep It Simple, Stupid".

Note about K.I.S.S.

KISS, a backronym for "keep it simple, stupid", is a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960. The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design, and that unnecessary complexity should be avoided.
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Japan Trip

One of the products that I will be introducing is this ClicItAudio. It will be great tool for adding audio explanation of things especially now we support QR code to call audio file.
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Add Audio to Your Website

Click It Audio enables user to create an embeddable HTML code to be embedded to your website. Just a pretty picture and text are not enough to get attention of people. Why not add audio to your website?


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Happy New Year from ClickItAudio

We just started this service and there are some interest even without any marketing effort. We will be releasing some new features soon this year. Please come visit us.

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Welcome to ClickItAudio Blog

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Click It Audio - Press Release

Don’t read. Listen!

Integrate audio seamlessly into your website or blog!


Bellevue, Wash (02/21, 2018) - Click It Audio wants to change how you consume content online. The recently launched service aims to change your text content into audio clips. Users upload audio files to Click It Audio, which then creates a snippet of code that can be embedded into any website.

“Like a headset, you borrow at a museum to listen to the explanation, sure, you can always read but why should you?” Ken Uchikura, chairman PSPinc, said.

Their goal is to substitute text-heavy pages on your website for audio to make it easy for your visitors to follow along. Click It Audio not only creates the code for your audio, it also keeps your audio stored and listed on your account for easy management. If you’re not sure how to create audio, or if you want a more professional touch, they offer a professional and highly skilled audio engineering team that will help create scripts, add voice-overs, and sound effects to your audio.

Audio files of up to 5 minutes can be recorded and uploaded to your website. It starts with 3 free uploads to embed and then users can easily buy a monthly subscription if they need more. Click It Audio is here to challenge how you consume your online content, and we’re listening.

For more information about Click It Audio, visit them online here.

About PSPinc: PSPinc, founded in 1987 by Ken Uchikura, at that time he was developing software out of a room in his apartment on Mercer Island, WA. 30 years later, PSPinc has now grown into a full-service software company offering web hosting, web design, and marketing solutions. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, PSPinc houses 50 employees and has two offices in California. With more than 40,000 companies of all sizes around the world trusting them for websites, email, and online services.

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Are you a developer or marketing professional?

Add value to any blog or website by adding Click It Audio! If you are a developer or marketing professional you can resell Click It Audio to your clients to improve their websites and create extra income. Our resellers get a special discount on all services!

Find out more at Click It Audio.

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Professional Quality Audio Production

Need more professional sounding audio?

Click It Audio can turn your vision into a reality with our team of highly skilled audio engineers. Our team can create voice-overs, sound effects, and even write the scripts you'll need.

Sign up today at Click It Audio!

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Grab your visitors attention!

Embed audio into your website using Click It Audio! Start with 3 FREE uploads to embed. Need more than that? Easily buy a subscription!

Now you can grab your visitors attention with the help of audio from Click It Audio!

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Click It Audio - Embedded audio

Integrates audio seamlessly into your website or blog using Click It Audio.
Non-invasive, non-intrusive - by embedding a small code snippet into your website or blog you can load our simple audio player button. Push it once to play, and again to pause. It’s that easy to use.


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