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We All Have Something Significant Yet To Do...

Yes, but what is it?
I’ve always had a strong thirst for knowledge,
A Good, Short read;

#life #ageing

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Anyone using this new meta tag?

--[ meta name="referrer" content="origin-when-cross-origin" ]--

Will this new tag solve cross domain posting issues?

I think those hyphens - and - might be an issue of their own...

I'm done 4 - 2day!

Later VonGator! Bruce

#referrer #crossorigin #widget

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Elliot! This might be beyond Widgetness

Spell check keeps changing this to Cloudiness!

Get one of these non Widget Whatchamacallits. Sign up for the free level and revel at what it can do.

Cloudinary is a heavy duty Image & Video workshop with many tools inside. The only tool I have used is the Video tagger. Ad tags, creates rich snippits, all that crap. Use cloudinary with a client like YTmonster to get High Rank on YouTube brother!

See Ya!

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Cool Cut n' Paste IP Widget


#widget #ip

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Everything must be secure - https://

I noticed a bunch of things I posted weren't showing up.
Turns of all post must be secure content - ie = https://

Here's a secure iframe I just cooked up. I know that some of the images are not secure, we'll see what happens!

#script #javascript

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Including HTML CODE in Blog Posts, or as Example on a web page.

I've included a few code examples on this blog. But until a few minutes ago, I wasn't sure if I was doing it right.

To include html mark up code as an example, I just remove the opening and closing brackets and replace them with their Character Entities.
< = < or <
> = > or >

does the job. Play around with it, you'll figure it out.

Want to include code in Word Press?
Go Here.

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Russian Surf Widget, Just like Trump uses!

Wanna cheat online? This is the same kind of web cheating device Donald Trump uses. Put in the URL of your page and it will be seen all over Russia, up to 300 hits.

Give it a test surf at: Seo-Surf

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Replace your public email with an inbox that pays You!

Set up an profile to receive paid messages from people outside your network. Keep the money, or donate it to charities like Black Girls Code.

It's like LinkedIn InMail, except you get paid!

Get Your page here:

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HTML5 World Clock Map - Flash is dead! all HTML5

Adobe has announced they will drop support for their Flash product very soon. So it's time to set up and dump your Flash clocks and replace them with new, innovative HTML5 clocks!

This Fully Responsive HTML5 World Clock Map shows up to 3 cities and comes in three colors.

Get your Map Clock , they're

Give it a few clicks, kick the tires, see what it does...

#clock #widget #html5

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Join APSense, it's free. I've made a couple of good conections.

APSense is many things. An ad exchange, brand builder too. Ya can ask questions, Shortin,' Cloak and Hide you affiliate links. For Professional And Newbie Marketers Alike.
The Most Complete Set Of Tools You Will Find Nowhere Else in One Place.
Without APSense, You Are Loosing Out On A Great Opportunity To Earn While You Advertise Your Business. Enlarge your social network and exchange business ideas!

Powered by APSense Business Network

#social #business #apsense #traffic #banner #exchange

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