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【Golden Week】Day 4

April 30th, 2019 is the last day of the Heisei Period!
The Heisei Period started in 1989 and will end today, shortly after entering its 31st year.
This is a special occasion for everyone, because Periods end when the emperor dies. However, the Heisei Period Emperor had shown interest in stepping down from the throne since years ago, leading to a change in constitution and new set of laws, leading up to today. Therefore, this is the only time we know that a Period is ending.

The Japanese TV shows are going crazy with the idea, including shows that look back at the 30 years of the Heisei Period, do things with the title of "Last ___ of Heisei", and shows that are doing a 25 hour live stream into the new period.
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【Golden Week】Day 3

April 29th is the birthday of the Showa Period Emperor, and was made a holiday called Showa Day to honor his birthday. Although there is much controversy over the necessity of the holiday, it remains one of the many in Japan.
According to the Japanese government, the holiday is not for remembering the Emperor himself, but to look back on the Showa Period's discovery, creations, and recovery, and use that to look forward into the future.
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【Golden Week】Day 2

The second day of Golden Week is just a Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!
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【Golden Week】Day 1

Golden Week starts off with a Saturday. It's just a regular Saturday, but since it's Golden Week, some people are lucky.
For instance, many schools in Japan still have school on Saturdays. Yup, 6 days of school. But with Golden Week, some of these schools have the day off!
Ultimately, it depends on the individual school's policy, but lucky for the students who finally get to spend a Saturday sleeping in.
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