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Things to do during Halloween season in LA

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Wow it's already October! One of the biggest event of this month is of course Halloween!! Have you already decided what costume are you going to wear? Are you planning to join some parties? We'll be introducing you to some of the top Halloween events in Los Angeles.


As the night falls the demon and beast set loose thought the dim forest of Griffith Park(Old Zoo). (The ticket for Hayride is only $35, General admission is $44 also they have another options too, for more information visit their website!) If you step into the theme park, you will notice the change of the atmosphere instantly as you explore through the pitch-dark maze filled with monsters. The main attraction is hayride, guests will ride on the track and explore the forest. Of course many horrible things are waiting for you on the way. You must be ready for them. This event is held until Oct 31. Tickets for popular dates will be sold out soon so check out the availability dates on their website!!


One of the worlds biggest street party will be held in West Hollywood! This party is worth going too on 10/31, not only it's going to be free but thousands of people will be showing off their unique costumes. The atmosphere will be full with excitement and pure joy. They will be costume contests, dancing, drinking, many more!! If your going to be in LA on Halloween, why not join them?


For all the zombie lover! Their are two events recommended. One is located in Santa Monica which is zombie bar crawl, a unique event which the rule are simple, pretend to be real zombie and go drinking from bar to bar!! This crawl will be held on 10/28.

Next would be Long beach zombie fest is one of the event for zombie lover. They are planning to Zombie attack, zombie makeup workshop, shock show, zombie walk on!!

Did you find your favorite event? Of course there are more events are going to be held during this Halloween season. Sakura Rent A Car can help your wonderful trip in LA, if you are planning to be here, just visit us and rent a car! we can provide you wonderful car with great service!!

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