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【Silent Auction】~Festival Silent Auction~

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【Silent Auction】~Festival Silent Auction~

We are excited to announce that we have many items for the silent auction at Japan Fair 2017!

Feeling unsettled? Need some inner guidance? Have a one-hour Reiki Healing Session with Reiki Oasis.

I know, you must be hungry. Canlis invites you to dinner. Canlis’ favorite thing in the world is taking care of others, and few places can do it quite like Canlis. A truly unparalleled dinner experience.

No, no. You're at Japan Fair so you must be craving some sushi. Sushi Kappo Tamura is a little different from the others because they prepare their food in an open kitchen and serve it quickly in a lively environment where staff and guests talk about the food and beyond. Win an unforgettable experience with their food and staff.

Looking for something to decorate your house or room? Aki Sogabe's paper cutting art might be what you're looking for!

Not art that you're looking for? How about an autographed ball to support your home team? From the Seattle Mariners, we have an autographed Hisashi Iwakuma baseball! Show your support for the Japanese pitcher in your home and show off the autograph to all your friends and family.

Want more from the Mariners? Of course, their season isn't too bad this year. It might finally be the year we go into the playoffs and make a mark. This Mariners Fan Package has everything you'd want from the Mariners. It includes Iwakuma's Kuma Bear Hoodie, Father's Day tongs, Mariners T-shirt, Mariners Octoberfest stein, True to the Blue Rally Towel, and two mariners hats. The best part? You get 4 terrace club tickets too!

But there's no way we don't talk about the Seahawks when we talk about sports in Seattle, right? Well we have an autographed ball from the Seahawks as well. Tight end for the Seattle Seahawks, #88, Jimmy Graham autographed football!

All these great items in the silent auction. What more could you ask for? Stop by the Raffle/Auction Table at Japan Fair to make a bid.
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