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Awesome fastfoods!!

Awesome fastfoods!!
There are so many fast food chains in The U.S. for instance McDonald's, KFC!! One of good things of getting fast food is their quick service and you could eat right away. Additionally, you don't need to pay the tip like what you have to do at restaurant. So if you want to save your money for lunch (even breakfast and dinner too!), fast food chains will be good partner with your wallet! Perhaps some of you don't like kind of those foods due to quality, taste, worry about the effect for your health. No worry!! Not every fast food chains provide you the food like what you are thinking! Sakura Rent A Carwill introduce some awesome fast foods chains in the U.S.!!

In N Out Burger

You might have heard this name before. Yes, this is one of popular fast food hamburger restaurant in California!! (They have locations in other states too!)Their menu are very simple and you don't have struggle on choosing your order. So why are they so popular among the locals? The key is fresh vegetables and meat, not freeze or even warm up by microwave. They think the quality of food is the most important. That's why they can provide customers delicious hamburgers and french fries!!
When you go to In N Out, let's try secret menu which you can't find on the menu board.
Animal style: Added special pickle with original sauce inside hamburger or on french fry.
Protein style: Wrapped in leafed lettuces instead of a bun.
There are more secret menus!

The Habit Burger Grill

This is also Hamburger chain in some states! Consumer Reports which is non profit organization for consumers ranks this chain as best tasting burger restrants in America. When you first bite their hamburger, you will understand why they are chosen from Consumer Reports.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

There are Mexican fast food chain not only in The U.S. but also spread through out the world, one of reason why this fast food chain is so popular is you can choose your own topping and healthier way to eat more vegetable. Of course the taste is delicious too!!


This is the second largest fast food chains that specialize in chicken. one of the popular item in the menu is The original chicken sandwich. they have unique fries which is shaped like waffle, it is crispy on the outside, and and soft texture inside. You can choose one o their unique sources and you can enjoy many different kinds of combinations! But be careful they are closed on Sunday.

Enjoy fast food chains in America!!

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Let's go to Mt. Wilson!

Image Source
Its already fall, do you have a plan to enjoy this season? If haven't made any plans already why not go hike at Mt. Wilson. Its a 5713ft elevation mountain which is know for having many antenna for the local TV and radio stations. T

his location is historically popular for its observatory that contains two telescopes: The 100in Hooker telescope and the 60in telescope, This observatory is the first built in the west coast. It has a tour for learning the history of the observatory and many events going on Mt. Wilson.

By go to Mt. Wilson you can drive to the summit or you can hike which would be twice the fun. To reach the observatory by hiking there are many trail you can take, the hike would be 6 hours all around so you should have some experience before going on to this hike. There is going to be a cafe at the summit but you should carry plenty of waters and snack before start your hike. If you want to challenge Mt. Wilson hiking trail, the starting point is located at Chantry Flats which has paid parking lot. Its recommend to bring a sweater due to low temperature at the summit.

From Sakura Rent A Carto Chantry Flats would take 1~1.5 hr drive and to Mt. Wilson is 1.5~2 hr drive.

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Things to do during Halloween season in LA

Image Source Image Source
Wow it's already October! One of the biggest event of this month is of course Halloween!! Have you already decided what costume are you going to wear? Are you planning to join some parties? We'll be introducing you to some of the top Halloween events in Los Angeles.


As the night falls the demon and beast set loose thought the dim forest of Griffith Park(Old Zoo). (The ticket for Hayride is only $35, General admission is $44 also they have another options too, for more information visit their website!) If you step into the theme park, you will notice the change of the atmosphere instantly as you explore through the pitch-dark maze filled with monsters. The main attraction is hayride, guests will ride on the track and explore the forest. Of course many horrible things are waiting for you on the way. You must be ready for them. This event is held until Oct 31. Tickets for popular dates will be sold out soon so check out the availability dates on their website!!


One of the worlds biggest street party will be held in West Hollywood! This party is worth going too on 10/31, not only it's going to be free but thousands of people will be showing off their unique costumes. The atmosphere will be full with excitement and pure joy. They will be costume contests, dancing, drinking, many more!! If your going to be in LA on Halloween, why not join them?


For all the zombie lover! Their are two events recommended. One is located in Santa Monica which is zombie bar crawl, a unique event which the rule are simple, pretend to be real zombie and go drinking from bar to bar!! This crawl will be held on 10/28.

Next would be Long beach zombie fest is one of the event for zombie lover. They are planning to Zombie attack, zombie makeup workshop, shock show, zombie walk on!!

Did you find your favorite event? Of course there are more events are going to be held during this Halloween season. Sakura Rent A Car can help your wonderful trip in LA, if you are planning to be here, just visit us and rent a car! we can provide you wonderful car with great service!!

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Sightseeing Spots in San Francisco

Sightseeing Spots in San Franc...
We talked about road-trip to San Francisco on the last article.

If you rent a car from us, Sakura Rent A Car, and planning to travel to San Francisco,

Here are the must-see sightseeing places in San Francisco that we recommend you to go!

The Golden Gate Bridge

Many of you may think the place as a landmark of San Francisco.

There are 3 ways to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge.

First of all, watch and drive across the bridge.

Secondly, park your car at the Golden Gate Park and walk around.

Lastly, drive underneath of the bridge along the beach and watch it from there.

You can cross the bridge with the first and second way, but cannot with the third way.

However, there are fewer people, so you can enjoy the view without distraction, and take photos.

Impossible to escape: Alcatraz Island

This place is also very famous.

This prison was actually being used until 1963.

You can look around the inside of the building while picturing the erstwhile prison.

In order to go to the island, you need a reservation for a ferry tour before you go. Make sure you do so.

Lots of good food: China Town

This place cannot be removed from your must-go-list.

It’s the world famous massive China Town of San Francisco.

There are good foods everywhere!!

You can walk and munch steam pork buns on street, go into the dim-sum restaurant, Hong Kong style clay pot…the list goes on. Just walking around the place is also fun.

Palace of fine arts

Near the ocean, it’s worthy to see the gigantic arts what suddenly appear in the residential area.

The arts are bigger than we would imagine from guide books or website and the design is so detailed.

If you walk between the buildings, you would feel like time traveled to old Europe.

A pond and a field are spread out in front of those buildings so you will sometimes see families, friends and couples who do picnic.

And, a science museum and a theatre are located at the same place too.

City Hall

The City Hall of San Francisco is also a must-see spot if you like architectures.

The current City Hall was remodeled in 1915.

The old City Hall was built in 1899 it was destroyed by the earthquake which hit California in 1906.

The specimen of Renaissance architecture is very popular as a wedding hall.

Many couples visit to this City Hall for taking wedding photos in the day time.


There are many piers in San Francisco as it is surrounded by the water.

Pier 39 is the most popular one among tourists.

The reason why this place is so popular is the Sea Lions!

Resting stages are placed for the sea lions and you can see the sea lions are packed on the limited space depending on the season.

Cable Car Museum

Many of you may think of that San Francisco is a cable car city!

Of course, it’s still running, so

I recommend you to take the cable car when you visit San Francisco!

Around the rail of the cable car, you would hear the sound that some big machines are running from the underground.

If you want to know the fact of it, go to the cable car museum!

You will know what is making the sound!

This museum admission is for free.

Please visit the cable car museum if you want to know the secret of the history and the construction of the cable car.

There are many popular sightseeing places besides the places I mentioned on this blog.

Please go to many places when you go to San Francisco.
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Road Trip to San Francisco!

Road Trip to San Francisco!
Road trip to San Francisco!

There are many of you wanting to drive as far as you can when you rent a car and traveling in the US.

With Sakura Rent a Car, you can drive in California, Arizona and Nevada

So you can reach many sightseeing places that are pretty far away.

On this blog post, I will introduce you San Francisco where a lot of our customers visit!

San Francisco is located in the northern California and

It is about 6-8 hours drive from Los Angeles.

There are multiple routes to drive to San Francisco,

But the most popular route is to take the Interstate 5 North all the way which even extends to Canada.

It would be fun to swing by the small but lovely shops and towns on the way to San Francisco

when you fill gas, so you should!

If you take the Interstate 5 freeway, you will cross the famous Bay Bridge

It’s a toll road

so prepare cash. (The price varies by time of the day )

After driving all the way half day, you will finally arrived to San Francisco.

A completely different scenery than what you see in Los Angeles is waiting for you when you enter in San Fransisco.

There are old houses which stand in a line, steep hills like a roller coaster and the streets that are designed in grids in the city.

You will be fascinated by the scenery that you would not believe it’s the same California.

There are a lot of sightseeing places in San Francisco,

We recommend you to take public transportation if you are hanging out in downtown because of heavy traffic.

But of course, it’s absolutely convenient to take a car with you to see around the outside of Down Town such as Golden Gate Bridge.

You should switch what kind of transportation you are using depending on the places you are going.

It is very common to street-park in San Fransisco like you do in Los Angeles.

You should not leave any valuable belongings in the car.

There are a lot of car break-ins in San Francisco.

If there are valuable goods in the car, it can be stolen even during day time.

If you are worried about street parking, I recommend you to use a public parking.

However, it’s not 100% safe, so you should take your stuffs as well.

But if you are careful enough about your personal belongings, you can enjoy a different type of fun than Los Angeles.

If your time allows, why not travel to San Francisco with Sakura Rent A Car?
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LA LA LAND Filming Location Tour!

Lighthouse Cafe Lighthouse Cafe Watts Towers Watts Towers Grand Central Market Grand Central Market
LALALAND became one of the remarkable movies in the world at the beginning of this year through the Academy Awards.

Our staff went to the filming locations as many as we could in one day.

We left at noon near LAX and ended up at 7:00PM in Pasadena.

Of course, we took the PRIUS C; the car that Mia drives in the movie!

Here are the photos from the day. Let’s see how many locations we could visit!

Enjoyed the Jazz music and brunch at Lighthouse Café

Lighthouse café is one of the filming locations in Hermosa Beach.

The scene that Mia dances along with Sebastian’s piano playing at this Jazz bar was pretty memorable.

Different genres of music are played at the Lighthouse café every day.

You should check out the schedule what kind of music is played before you go!

We went for the Jazz performance in the Sunday morning and had a brunch there.

You can choose Mexican breakfast or American breakfast menu at reasonable pricing, and enjoy beautiful live music at the same time.


The scene that Sebastian sings and dances at the pier at the sunset after leaving Lighthouse café was shot at Hermosa Beach pier.

It was a very hot day so there were a lot of people surfing, swimming and sunbathing at the beach.

You can see Santa Monica and Venice beach in the North and Palos Verdes in the South from the pier.

The Unique architecture Watts Towers

Watts Towers are located in the Watts area where it is not a very safe area so we recommend you to go there during the day time.

It was used for the one of the dating scenes of Sebastian and Mia.

The architecture was already famous before the movie, but it became even more famous after LALALAND.

The main dining in Down Town, Grand Central Market

Sebastian and Mia had a meal at the corner of the counter at one of the diners in Grand Central Market.

When you say “market”, you may picture something lively with local people such as farmer market, but you can find a lot of good diners and café in this place.

We took a photo at the diner which was actually used in the movie

Angels Flight Railway

Situated on the backside of the Grand Central Market, this railway was also used for a date scene.

It was actually a rare thing to see somebody inside the train because due to safety reason

The train car is not running and you are not allowed to get on it now.

Therefore, you won’t be able to go closer than the photo shows, but it is still a good distance to watch and feel the atmosphere of it.

Historic Rialto Theater

The theater which was built more than 100 years ago is located at the South side of Pasadena.
There were multiple important scenes that were shot here.

It is closed now but still reserves the exterior of the building as in the film.

If you are a LA LA LAND fan, you definitely want to visit here once!

Colorado Street Bridge

The Colorado Street bridge was shown one of the dating scenes in the movie.

You can drive throw on the bridge but you can also walk on the side-walk.

It would be a pleasant neighborhood to walk around because it is a richer area with full of greens.

That’s all we went for the LA LA LAND filming locations spending half day.
There are even more filming locations in Los Angeles.
Why not rent a car from

SAKURA RENT A CARand enjoy the scenes of LALALAND?
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Get Ready for Summer Fun at Home or Away

Get Ready for Summer Fun at...
When the holidays come around you can pick up a hostess gift just about everywhere you turn: a pretty ornament, a cookie jar mix, a sweet-smelling candle, a CD of holiday favorites and so on. The summertime has its fun gifts as well. As you begin your summer travels and vacations to visit with friends and family, remember, Sakura Rent A Car at LAX has the vehicle to accommodate any sized group you need to transport. And just for fun, we also collected some great gift ideas from our staff that you might find helpful when visiting people this summer:

Homemade strawberry preserves
Favorite tea (good hot or iced)
Fun sprinkler head for the kids
Bird feeder
Homemade bottle of marinade and bbq recipe card
Miniature rose bush
A basket of fresh fruits and veggies from an outdoor market

But what about when you’re at home this summer, what can you do to have some cool fun in the extreme heat? How about planning a new indoor activity every week during the summer months? You can visit places like the bowling alley, the roller rink, the science museum, the arcade, the aquarium and the climbing gym in your LAX rental car .

When it gets too hot outside, set up a tent in the air conditioned living room, pop popcorn and tell silly stories to each other. Bring out the board games and you can even microwave s’mores. If you have a garage, move out the cars and set up a small roller rink inside the shaded, protected area. Draw chalk games like hopscotch, but make sure there’s a fan or an open breeze so no one gets overheated.

Plan a progressive dinner with neighbors. Start at one house for yummy appetizers like kettle corn, fruit skewers and yogurt, then move on to another house nearby for hot dogs and hamburgers. Then move onto another house for ice cream sandwiches and fruit pops. This is a fun activity for kids and adults alike!

We at Sakura are just as excited for summer as you are, and we hope you go into the busy summer well equipped with great ideas and fun destinations ahead!
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Surviving Memorial Day Traffic in Los Angeles

Surviving Memorial Day Traffic...
Many people are preparing to meet up with family and friends over good food hot off the barbecue this Memorial Day weekend. If you’re heading out of town to go camping, make sure you pack your portable grill because you don’t want to miss the opportunity to make one or two of these recipes for the long weekend. And don’t forget to check out our spring specials at Sakura Rent A Car at LAX because we’ve got deals on everything from minivans to mini coopers and even convertible cars! But first, get out your notes to make a shopping list…

Grill Portobello mushrooms then crumble blue cheese over top and serve it like a steak.

Grill chicken breasts topped with pineapple and Swiss cheese.

Ranch burgers: hamburger, powdered ranch, bacon pieces, and cheddar cheese.

Grill zucchini, tomatoes, and onions with basil, drizzled in olive oil, with a bit of garlic.

Fresh corn on the cob brushed with ranch dressing, pepper, and garlic seasoning.

Toss broccoli, carrots, snow peas or sugar snap peas and onions (cut in slivers) with Italian dressing, add seasoning, salt and pepper. Grill in a grill basket till desired tenderness. Usually add more dressing and seasoning as they cook.

Lemon pepper salmon: coat lemon pepper over fresh salmon fillets. Grill 8 minutes per side.

Chunks of potatoes and onions with a little ranch dressing in a foil package.

Now that you know what to buy and pack up (if you’re heading to a destination), let’s talk about traffic and beating it. The stress of stopped traffic can be such a headache whenever going anywhere, but particularly on a holiday weekend when everyone is trying to get out of dodge, you need to be even smarter or it’ll ruin your trip. Heed some important travel tips to survive the traffic jams:

Leave early, like really really early in the morning. If you get to your destination too early, even way early, be a tourist in that town or neighborhood and go check out some shops or sights on foot. You will be so happy you got up early, even at the crack of dawn to avoid traffic and spend the majority of the day outside.

Use traffic apps on your device that show you the current traffic and fastest routes. They can even re-route you the best possible way to get you there in the shortest amount of time. Just make sure someone else is navigating so you can keep your eyes safely on the road.

Go prepared with games, coloring books, tablets, movies, and snacks for the kids. Play games like I Spy, 20 Questions or the License Plate Game to pass the time. Listen to great music while you're at it.

Take the long way. You read that right. Take your LAX rental car , especially the convertible options, and take the longer more scenic route. Maybe it’s longer but it’s not jam packed with cars, so instead of staring at tail lights you'll see more scenery. You may get there later but if you have a more enjoyable ride while you’re at it, it may be the win you need.
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Memorial Day Remembrance in Los Angeles

Memorial Day Remembrance in...
"We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies."

Moina Michael, the woman who wrote these words in the early 1900s, had an idea to wear red poppies on Memorial Day to honor those who died serving our nation. She was the first to wear one, and sold poppies to her friends and co-workers to benefit servicemen in need. The act of wearing a red poppy on your shirt is a beautiful way to remember and honor our fallen heroes.

Many folks await Memorial Day to get an extra day in the weekend. The idea of picnics and beach trips and barbecues come to mind. Before you go play, however, we want to remind you to take a moment and reflect on what the upcoming Memorial Day is about. It’s a day to remember with respect, honor and a grateful heart those who have died serving our country. Pay respects to the young and old who took up courage to leave family and friends and later perished, sometimes in a distant land.

More often than not, the true reason for Memorial Day is lost on folks who are not closely tied to any casualties of war. But if you live in the United States and enjoy your many freedoms, you’re absolutely tied to a stunningly large number of them.

So what can you do to pay your respects? It’s very easy. You might raise a toast among friends and family to pay tribute to the fallen heroes. You might make a commitment to shake the hand of the next soldier or veteran you see in uniform. You might offer help to a widow of war that you know with yard work or something else. You might hang an American flag outside your home. You might take flowers or mini flags to a grave site. You can drive your LAX rental car to the Los Angeles National Cemetery which has extended hours on Memorial Day. Here is the information for a few more cemeteries and you can call ahead to see what sort of memorial ceremony they will be having:

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
San Diego, CA 92106

Los Angeles National Cemetery
950 South Sepulveda Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Miramar National Cemetery
5795 Nobel Drive
San Diego, CA 92122

Riverside National Cemetery
22495 Van Buren Boulevard
Riverside, CA 92518

Evergreen Memorial Park and Mausoleum
4414 14th Street
Riverside, CA 92501

As you plan your travels and activities for Memorial Day weekend, contact Sakura Rent A Car at LAX to get you some great travel deals on vehicles, big to small. Ask about our spring specials today!
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Top Momisms and How to Spoil Her for Mother's Day

Top Momisms and How to Spoi...
Mom: probably the hardest-working person on the planet. Able to come up with sensible answers to nonsensical questions at the drop of a hat. She is able to make up a wild bed time story with no forewarning. She is the disciplinarian and the nurse maid. The educator and the nurturer. The advocate and the best friend. She may be funny, or lovely, or plain, or athletic, or wise, or humble, or proud, or opinionated, or crafty, or musical, or extremely hard working, but she is uniquely yours – and there is something you will take from that.

You probably remember your mom dishing out a few good sayings that, admit it, you adopted into your own vernacular. That's what happens when we hear "momisms" so often growing up that they become embedded in us, only to be uprooted when we ourselves become parents. That's when it hits you, you are becoming your mother! So, in honor of moms this month, who have passed down witty words of wisdom throughout the generations, we delight in sharing some of our favorite, well-used momisms...

1. Why? Because I said so, that's why.
2. I'm going to give you till the count of 3...
3. It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt.
4. Don't get smart with me.
5. Money does not grow on trees.
6. I'm not running a taxi service.
7. If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?
8. Someday your face will freeze like that.
9. Were you born in a barn?
10. I brought you into this world and I can take you out.

For Mom this Mother’s Day, there are a zillion things you can do for her and a zillion more places you can take her in L.A. to spoil her like she deserves to be spoiled. Think brunch, wine tasting, spa, rose garden, any or all of those things.

Viviane has a 3-course brunch for only $45 per person. Spago also has a 3-course brunch for $88 per adult and $40 for kids under 12. Hotel Bel-Air Spa is offering 60-minute treatments to whisk Mom away for a pamper and primp she won’t soon forget. Brunch and spa, you can’t go wrong.

Or, get creative and pack a picnic, drive Mom to the Los Angeles Exposition Park Rose Garden in your LAX rental car and enjoy a garden lunch together. In the evening, Esters Wine Shop & Bar has a special wine tasting on Mother's Day from 3 to 5 p.m. The price is $25 per person and includes wine and cheese.

These ideas are just a drop in the bucket. You can find plenty to do in our big city. Take advantage of our spring deals at Sakura Rent A Car at LAX right now, and whisk Mom all over town in a convertible or buzz around in a cute Mini Cooper.
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