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E&E Expands Operations to Quinhagak

Through the efficient use of th... Through the efficient use of the processor, Clipper Epic and the tender, Tanusha, E&E is able to cover the Kanektok and Goodnews River systems for the local communities. The processor, Clipper Epic The processor, Clipper Epic Goodnews Bay Goodnews Bay With resources throughout Ala... With resources throughout Alaska, E&E Foods continues to build its presence as a sustainable producer of wild Alaskan finfish.
E&E Foods is expanding its reach in Alaska and in the process will pump significant economic resources into the Quinhagak, Platinum, and Goodnews Bay communities. Teaming up with the processor, Clipper Epic, and the tender, Tanusha, E&E will play the lead role in the first fishery in five years for communities of the Goodnews and Kanektok Rivers in the Kuskokwim drainage system. E&E will be able to process up to 70,000 lbs. of H&G salmon per day, catering to the fishermen in the local communities. The Clipper Epic will be anchored in Goodnews Bay and the Tanusha will be servicing the fishermen in the Quinhagak area. Through the arrangement, E&E Foods will be able to offer the salmon harvested in the region under the Fair Trade Certified program, adding an additional sustainability certification to its efforts in Alaska.

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