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Refuse to decay ... Saved with help

Bicycle brands have little know... Bicycle brands have little knowledge, but acquaintances say they are expensive in Japan. Even if it is expensive, it will not endure being left unattended and decaying.
It's a very simple reason to decay. If you don't think about anything and do nothing, it will easily disappear.

Dealing with it is easy. Let's stop on the spot, not the act itself. I think it's about thinking about what kind of help is possible.

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The sight of the setting sun ... A moment of bliss

It is my favorite Ranshima bea... It is my favorite Ranshima beach in Otaru city. The black dots in the upper left of the photo are seabirds.
Valuable time to cultivate keenness. The rays from the setting sun are sharp.

Think about how to attack tomorrow.
Even if you know the result, think about how to assemble the process.

Even better results may be waiting.
It may be noticed during the process of assembly.
#commence #sunset

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Like a living fossil ... Registered mail envelope for cash

The last memory I used for "O... The last memory I used for "Otoshidama" for children of distant relatives.
"Otoshidama" cannot be translated directly into English.
What appeared in the desk drawer was registered mail for sending cash, "living fossil."

Currently, transfers and credit card payments are the mainstream, but in the past, students have had such exchanges.

"I need a reference book for studying, so please send me some money"
It was probably consumed in a different way.
#local #feeling

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Make every effort 24 hours a day ... Life goes on

Recently, I have been keenly ... Recently, I have been keenly aware of lack of exercise. It's an easy method, but I have to rely on it because of the snowfall.
What is the meaning of life?
Life goes on.

What is the meaning of life?
Life has its ups and downs.

I don't want to waste my life worrying about the past or worrying about the future, I'd rather live in the present.

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Spend time on the beach of my hometown … It's a blissful

I value having a blissful time ... I value having a blissful time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. My favorite is the sunset on the Ranshima coast in Otaru.
The reason for stopping photography of small wild animals was mentioned above.

I would like to focus on plants and nature (especially the setting sun), which are the continuing themes.

On the coastline of my hometown, I spend time chasing the expression of the setting sun. You can spend a luxurious time personally.
#sunset #color #local

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Find oneself at a crossroad in life ... The parting of the ways

I took a picture of the switchin... I took a picture of the switching track point of JR Oshamambe Station from the overpass of the station. The background is toward Mt. Usu and Mt. Showa Shinzan.
If you get lost in your life, after a few years, you can talk about the following three items with any theory. This is just my theory.

"Something about my feelings" recognizes my belief in what I do.
"What I want to achieve" is the most difficult, so I try to find it freely and optimistically.
"I live for what" is maximized by living for someone and for something.

In other words, you always have the right to decide the path of your life, but it makes sense to consult with someone. However, it is up to myself to make the final decision.

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What matter with you? ... You made it!

We prepare it i... We prepare it in a good manner, and let's take off the shoes. From Otaru to Sapporo she was getting a good night's sleep. 【I got permission to shoot】
In Japanese custom, it is an act that makes you think, but it seems that once over the borders one may do anything.

Shame on a journey can be scratched away "the shame of traveling is abandoned" is common throughout the world.

That is, total exhaustion. Body and soul completely knackered...Lol

#morals #manners

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Self-assertion of dead leaves ... Things that move with your heart

Even with the same defoliation, ... Even with the same defoliation, it is a self-assertion to express the time, process, and result in color. At a nearby park.
What I want to say clearly is that "self-assertion" is not "self-centered".

Then, what is the difference, selfishness does not listen to the other party's opinion. Self-assertion listens to the opinions of the other party while expressing one's own opinion.

In Japan, self-assertion tends to be viewed as negative as if the ego is exposed, but I feel that there is no negative image overseas.
#commence #feeling

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Individuality can be created from color ... Effects related to color

I was fascinated by the vivid c... I was fascinated by the vivid colors in the Niseko area (Kutchan Town) on a business trip. A feeling like the claim of Acer palmatum.
Promotes relationships by color. For example, white like snow will improve the hospitality by coordinating with individuality and a sense of cleanliness with a sense of security.

As the expression of red, high emotions such as "make your face bright red with embarrassment", "make your face bright red and get angry", and "make your face flush with joy" are projected.

This is an example of how colors are attached to photos after posting, and I don't think that they necessarily convey individuality.
#color #commence

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May have been underestimated ... regional revitalization

Japanese and English are requ... Japanese and English are required for the crew. Another language seems to be a choice
and fare payments are processed in JPY and USD in a conversion table.
It is Kutchan Town with a population of 15,000. About 10% of them are foreign nationals. It's probably the influence of the Niseko area.

The shopping street in the town is full of foreign language signboards, It's just like a general store.

And the taxi crew who got on board will proficient in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

I really felt the power of regional revitalization.
#local #vehicle

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