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E&E Foods Hosts 2nd Annual Open House

Guests and employees mingle Guests and employees mingle E&E's Sydney Sackett calling o... E&E's Sydney Sackett calling out raffle winners! Fishermen get a chance to see... Fishermen get a chance to see the production facility where much of their fish gets cut into fillets and portions. E&E's own Zach Krokos and h... E&E's own Zach Krokos and his lovely wife, Erica, tended bar. Who knew totes could be used for things other than fish? Renton's warehouse and maint... Renton's warehouse and maintenance crew enjoying the evening. Marty Jacques and Mark Cayl... Marty Jacques and Mark Caylor--two of E&E's links between the fishermen and the mother ship--scouting for more fishermen.
Timed to coincide with the annual Pacific Marine Expo, E&E Foods has established a new tradition for its fishermen and employees--an open house at our 75,000 sq ft Renton, WA facility. It affords the entire E&E production and sales chain (and families) to meet in an informal setting and share fish tales! In addition to providing beverages, E&E hired four food trucks to cater to our guests hankerings for Thai food, pizza, burgers, and ice cream.

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Ugashik River Sockeye Tendering

This boat is delivering set-net... This boat is delivering set-net caught sockeye at regular intervals to the tender Elektra Blue.
E&E Foods is supplied sockeye salmon a number of ways. Sometimes the boats come right to our plant and other times to contracted tenders in a variety of locations, as is the case in some of the Bristol Bay river systems. This allows fishermen to focus on getting fish out of the water, critical given the shortness of the season.

(Source: National Fisherman, Fish Expo edition)

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Yakutat Seafoods Wins Float Competition on 4th

National flags from the United S... National flags from the United States and the Philippines, reflecting the plant's employee makeup. Yakutat Seafoods Wins Float C... Yakutat Seafoods Wins Float C...
Yakutat Seafoods won first place in the annual 4th of July Parade in Yakutat, hosted by Alaska Airlines. While not on the scale of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, it's the biggest in that region of Alaska (ok, maybe the only one!). Congrats!

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Pac Star Hosts 200 Fishermen to Kick-Off Season

Pac Star Hosts 200 Fishermen...
E&E Foods, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pacific Star Seafoods in Kenai, Alaska, hosted more than 200 fishermen and their families on a gorgeous day in Alaska. The kick-off barbeque has become a tradition at Pac Star.

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Pac Star Donates to Local Kenai Food Bank

Fresh sockeye fillets straight f... Fresh sockeye fillets straight from Cook Inlet grill in the sun Tuesday at the Alaska Salmon Alliance's 'Return of the Reds' benefit for the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank.

Credit Jay Barrett/KDLL

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E&E's COO Talks About Cannon Acquisition with IntraFish

Ken Ng, COO of E&E Foods. Ph... Ken Ng, COO of E&E Foods. Photo: IntraFish
Click on the following to hear E&E's COO, Ken Ng, talk about E&E's recent acquisition of Cannon Fish.

Need for vertical integration was key to E&E's purchase of Cannon Fish
E&E now has brand that it can develop.
by John Fiorillo
March 18th, 2019 16:43 GMT Updated March 18th, 2019 18:33 GMT

As acquisitions go, Seattle-based E&E Foods' purchase of seafood supplier and processor Cannon Fish Company (CFC) happened relatively quickly.
The two companies started talking about it three months ago, Ken Ng, E&E’s chief operating officer, told IntraFish on Monday.
Cannon was doing some custom processing for E&E when the two began talking about a potential deal. “We were really impressed with the people at Cannon, and the timing was right,” said Ng.
E&E is consolidating its Seattle area processing operations into a single 76,000 square foot facility in Renton, Washington. E&E bought the plant from Orca Bay last year. It is moving its operation in Federal Way, Washington and Cannon’s operations in Kent, Washington, to the Renton facility.

Vertical Integration
The purchase of Cannon fits into E&E’s strategy of becoming vertically integrated, said Ng. E&E has been operating in the Seattle area since 1932 and has a large presence in Alaska with shoreside plants in Egegik (Coffee Point Seafoods), Kenai (Pacific Star Seafoods), and Yakutat (Yakutat Seafoods) and a floating processor (Cape Greig) in Bristol Bay and Kotzebue – supplying salmon, cod and halibut primarily.
The Cannon acquisition, said Ng, gives E&E a consumer brand it can further develop. “We have the raw material and would like to start broadening our product line,” said Ng.

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Exciting news about E&E Foods and Cannon Fish Company

Exciting news about E&E Food...

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We've Moved!

Open all hours of the day... Open all hours of the day... ...and the night! ...and the night! We've Moved!
E&E Foods has moved to a much larger facility in Renton, about 6 miles south of our old corporate office and 15 miles north of our Federal Way plant. The new space of 76,000 square feet will ultimately combine our offices, cold storage and production. Come see us!

900 Powell Ave SW
Renton, WA 98057

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Pacific Star, Coffee Point BBQs Kick Off Season

The 2018 Coffee Point crew ta... The 2018 Coffee Point crew takes their annual group shot. Despite the clouds, wind and r... Despite the clouds, wind and rain, lots of fishermen and their families and production crew at Pac Star! That is some grill! It looks lik... That is some grill! It looks like 30 burgers at a time! Attendees at Pac Star lined up ... Attendees at Pac Star lined up for burgers. Those beautiful totes will soon be full of fish! Bristol Bay fishermen are hap... Bristol Bay fishermen are happy and well-rested--at least for now! The mess hall is bursting at t... The mess hall is bursting at the seams with the staff and fishermen. Fishermen, family and crew w... Fishermen, family and crew were treated to a feast.
E&E Foods' Alaska-based plants kicked off the 2018 salmon season with our annual BBQs.
Coffee Point Seafoods of Washington, based near the Egegik River on Bristol Bay, hosted the well-attended event despite wind and rain. The plant has already shipped good volumes of fresh sockeye off the beach and to our customers across the United States.
Our Pacific Star Plant on the Kenai River in Cook Inlet had over 200 attendees, including fishermen, plant workers and their families. E&E Foods continues to expand its presence in Alaska, increasing plant efficiency with upgrades in equipment and processes across its plants in Bristol Bay, Cook Inlet and Yakutat.

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E&E Foods Expands Operation to Kotzebue

E&E Foods will be buying and processing keta salmon this season from Kotzebue as it continues to expand its business operations.

Check the links for more detail:

see page 3

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