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Alaska: Still Abundant and Still Sustainable

There has been much discussion about a Netflix production, Seaspiracy, a cleverly named movie that claims fish are being over-harvested everywhere and that the world will run out of fish in thirty years. Yet, scientists and researchers have universally debunked what has generally been characterized as a hit piece by agenda-driven vegan activists. There is widespread scientific data showing that levels of fish are increasing - overall and in most places.

We stand with the experts and our only agenda is to provide our customers with high quality seafood, harvested in a sustainable manner. While there may be areas of the world where fish are unscrupulously harvested, they are more the exception than the rule and Alaska is definitely not one of those places. It’s an actively managed, sustainable fishery and that's a fact.

Listen to an expert:

Ray Hilborn, marine biologist and fisheries scientist, known for his work on conservation and natural resource management in the context of fisheries. He is currently professor of aquatic and fishery science at the University of Washington. He focuses on conservation, natural resource management, fisheries stock assessment and risk analysis, and advises several international fisheries commissions and agencies.

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E&E Foods Provides Vaccine to All Employees

E&E Foods Provides Vaccine t... E&E Foods Provides Vaccine t... E&E Foods Provides Vaccine t...
E&E Foods continues to lead the way in the COVID era, providing free on-site testing to all its employees last year, and following it up this year with on-site Moderna vaccinations to all - also at no cost to employees. Round two of the two-shot vaccination will be carried out on-site in April.

The actions show management's continued emphasis on the health and safety of its employees, products, and facilities. During the entire COVID period, E&E's plants have been near full operation, with modest personnel absence, as all employees have been diligent in following proper COVID protocol.

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Canfisco Buys Big Creek's Assets; Will Strengthen E&E in BB

We are pleased to inform you that the Canfisco Group has purchased the assets of Big Creek Fisheries in Bristol Bay and Big Creek will join the Group, which includes E&E Foods, starting February 1, 2021. The addition of Big Creek to our Coffee Point Seafoods and P.V. Cape Greig operations provides a significant combined processing capacity and production in the Bay. The additional sockeye poundage will augment our requirement for E&E’s fast-growing, value-added program.

The Big Creek team will remain in place after the transaction and John Boggs will continue as a consultant to provide advice during the transition of its operation. The combined teams at Coffee Point and Big Creek will be working together under E&E management.

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E&E Foods Pays it Forward with Seashare!

E&E's "Seashare Scoreboard"... E&E's "Seashare Scoreboard" posts the cumulative, daily donations by employees - before company matching!
Despite uncertain times, E&E and its employees have worked hard to continue supplying our distribution channels with quality products. Increasingly, one of those channels has been Seashare, the non-profit that provides food banks nationwide with seafood protein - some of it through donations of the fish, itself, some of it paid for by financial donations.

In 2020, E&E and its employees have done both, providing more than 100,000 lbs. of seafood protein to Seashare and more than $23,000 (and growing) during its annual fund raiser. The final amount will be doubled by a generous match from the company. See more of what Seashare is doing and consider making a donation, as well!

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E&E Foods Kenai Plant's COVID Efforts Featured in Local News

E&E Foods Kenai Plant's COVI...
Limiting the catch

Kenai Peninsula seafood industry sees relatively few out-of-state COVID cases

by Jeff Helminiak
Thursday, July 16, 2020 1:21am

The Kenai Peninsula seafood industry is up and running with eight positive COVID-19 cases for out-of-state workers as of Tuesday, according to data from Alaska’s Coronavirus Response Hub.

The state has had 325 positive COVID-19 tests for out-of-state visitors, with 170 of those coming in the seafood industry. The Bristol Bay plus Lake and Peninsula region leads the way with 51 positives, while the Municipality of Anchorage has 33, Valdez-Cordova has 29 and Dillingham has 20.

“So far the Kenai Peninsula hasn’t been put in the crunch of Valdez or Whittier or the Bristol Bay area,” Robert Ruffner, a contractor with the Alaska Salmon Alliance, said. “Here locally, we developed a plan early on and adhered to it.


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E&E Goes Live at Quinhagak

A drift netter tethers itself to t... A drift netter tethers itself to the Clipper Epic, while another speeds away for more fish. Fisherman loads sockeye into ... Fisherman loads sockeye into a tote. Beautiful skies, calm seas, lots... Beautiful skies, calm seas, lots of action. Drift netters waiting for sockeye. Drift netters waiting for sockeye.
After five years of being "dark" to commercial fishing, the Quinhagak/Goodnews Bay fishery is once again active; the first opener was June 29. As previously posted, E&E Foods has positioned the processing vessel, Clipper Epic, in Goodnews Bay, and the tender, Tanusha, will make the shuttle back-and-forth between the processor and Quinhagak.

Although the fishery is facing the same low king escapement numbers that are seemingly endemic to all of Alaska's salmon fisheries, the first two openers resulted in decent sockeye catches. More importantly, there was considerable excitement among the 50+ drift net boats that ventured out to beautiful sunny skies and placid seas.

Tab Goto, E&E's chairman stated, "Part of our responsibility is to support the Alaskan communities that rely on the salmon runs. This arrangement gives us access to additional sockeye and puts salmon-based revenues back into the communities for the first time in five years. It's a win-win."

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COO Ken Ng Talks on KYUK Radio About E&E's Foray into Kuskokwim Bay

COO Ken Ng Talks on KYUK Ra...

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E&E Expands Operations to Quinhagak

Through the efficient use of th... Through the efficient use of the processor, Clipper Epic and the tender, Tanusha, E&E is able to cover the Kanektok and Goodnews River systems for the local communities. The processor, Clipper Epic The processor, Clipper Epic Goodnews Bay Goodnews Bay With resources throughout Ala... With resources throughout Alaska, E&E Foods continues to build its presence as a sustainable producer of wild Alaskan finfish.
E&E Foods is expanding its reach in Alaska and in the process will pump significant economic resources into the Quinhagak, Platinum, and Goodnews Bay communities. Teaming up with the processor, Clipper Epic, and the tender, Tanusha, E&E will play the lead role in the first fishery in five years for communities of the Goodnews and Kanektok Rivers in the Kuskokwim drainage system. E&E will be able to process up to 70,000 lbs. of H&G salmon per day, catering to the fishermen in the local communities. The Clipper Epic will be anchored in Goodnews Bay and the Tanusha will be servicing the fishermen in the Quinhagak area. Through the arrangement, E&E Foods will be able to offer the salmon harvested in the region under the Fair Trade Certified program, adding an additional sustainability certification to its efforts in Alaska.

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E&E & Seashare Donate to Tennessee Food Banks

Seashare's extensive network ... Seashare's extensive network finds the need... ...companies like E&E gather a... ...companies like E&E gather and donate the product... ...and Seashare arranges truck... ...and Seashare arranges trucking with its partners--this time CH Robinson and TQL. Before long, an empty 40' trai... Before long, an empty 40' trailer... gradually loaded and... gradually loaded and... ...soon a full load is ready for ... ...soon a full load is ready for the journey to Tennessee.
E&E Foods made its fourth donation to America's food banks since the outbreak of the coronavirus, sending a full truckload of seafood to Mid South Food Bank in Tennessee.

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Eat Blackcod, Stay Smart

Eat Blackcod, Stay Smart

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