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Join E&E Foods in Supporting SeaShare This Holiday Season

SeaShare is a terrific charity that distributes seafood to food banks nationally and locally, and to other organizations that provide meals to the needy and homeless. During the holiday season, E&E Foods has regularly partnered with SeaShare on a fund-raising drive to help them buy seafood and pay for processing and logistics throughout the year; this year we are inviting our customers to join in!

All donated funds will be company matched dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000!

The simplest way to give is to go directly to our E&E Donation page at Donations are tax deductible. The drive runs until December 23.

Pass your blessings along!

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Kotzebue Sound Posts 8th Best Chum Harvest Since 1961

Fishermen load the day's catc... Fishermen load the day's catch into brailers - one fish at a time. Next step is icing the fish dow... Next step is icing the fish down in ice-filled totes Loading totes of fresh Kotz ch... Loading totes of fresh Kotz chum onto a charter. Kotzebue Sound Posts 8th Best... A row of tents housing the fis... A row of tents housing the fishermen during the season.
E&E Foods is an active buyer of salmon throughout Alaska, regularly buying directly from fishermen in Yakutat, Kenai, Bristol Bay, and Kotzebue Sound. One of the reasons for this geographic diversification is to take advantage of the differentiation in annual runs.

Bristol Bay's recording-setting sockeye run was big news, but it wasn't the only noteworthy run this year. According to ADF&G figures, the Kotzebue Sound commercial chum salmon harvest reached nearly 500,000 fish in 2022, its eighth-best in 61 years. To add some context, 2021's harvest finished just shy of 100,000 fish.

E&E was one of a handful of regular buyers who worked with Kotzebue locals to fly the fresh chum salmon daily to our Kenai plant for further processing. We moved 1.5mn lbs. over the course of the season, much of it on chartered flights. As noted in a previous blog, some of it ended up being donated to SeaShare for distribution to Yukon communities.

Thank you to the fishermen and dock workers that made the season such a great success!

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E&E Foods Supports Yukon Communities with Salmon

E&E Foods has been an a... E&E Foods has been an active partner with SeaShare.
While the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim (AYK) river systems are managed for long-term sustainability, sometimes the yearly runs are insufficient to even support the local, Alaskan communities that rely on salmon as a daily staple. When this happens, companies like E&E Foods and its Canfisco affiliates of Alaska General, Leader Creek and North Pacific, frequently stand in the gap by donating fish caught in Kotzebue Sound, Bristol Bay and Kodiak to Yukon communities.

Along with SeaShare, a non-profit that aggregates and arranges seafood donations, E&E and its sister companies have been part of an effort to donate 84,000 lbs. of king and chum salmon to fill this year's subsistence shortage among the Yukon communities. SeaShare also coordinated the logistics piece of the puzzle, with the support of Alaska Marine Lines, Northern Air Cargo and Everts Air Cargo.

Thanks to SeaShare ( and our fishing brethren for supporting the needs of those communities in Alaska.

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E&E Foods Opens Japan Office

Wataru Ozaki, President Wataru Ozaki, President Wei Yang, Asian Sales Manager Wei Yang, Asian Sales Manager
Translation below was an article in the Japanese newspaper, “Suisan Keizai Shinbun,” (a newspaper focusing on the seafood industry) announcing the official opening of the Tokyo office for E&E Foods Japan KK.

"E&E Foods Japan Established; Wataru Ozaki Appointed as President of Japan Branch

E&E Foods, which processes and sells Alaskan salmon and sablefish, has recently established a Japanese subsidiary, E&E Foods Japan. Mr. Wataru Ozaki, who is retiring from his position as president of Icicle Japan, has been appointed as president; E&E Foods Japan will be taking over Icicle Japan’s office space in Tsukiji.

E&E Foods Japan has already been registered and officially launched as E&E Foods Japan. E&E Foods is one of four subsidiaries owned by Canadian Fish Company (CFC). CFC processes and exports herring roe (“kazunoko”) from British Columbia, Canada, and has multiple processing plants in Alaska other than E&E Foods. CFC also operates NPSI, AGS, and Leader Creek in Alaska, and its largest production capacity is for sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay.

[Office] 2-3-4 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 10th floor of Tsukiji Daiichi Nagaoka Building,
Telephone 03 (6264) 2239, fax (6264) 2299"

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Off the Beach, Into the Distribution System

20 cases move from the plant ... 20 cases move from the plant to the plane... ...carefully loaded one case at ... ...carefully loaded one case at a time... ...wind directi... ...wind direction? "CHECK"…
Ping! "Another 20 cases off the beach."

When the Bristol Bay season begins at our Coffee Point Seafoods plant on the Egegik River, the emails to the Sales Team in Seattle, come fast and furiously. Small prop planes land on the beach outside the plant to start another 20 cases of fresh sockeye into a well-oiled distribution system that will ultimately end up on consumers' plates in the lower 48. The process occurs multiple times each day in concert with our partners at Coastal Air and King Air.

Through mid-June we have shipped approximately 50,000 lbs. fresh off the beach and more coming.

Ping! "Another 20 cases off the beach."

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Resurrection Bay Sockeye

The yellow circle marks Resu... The yellow circle marks Resurrection Bay, outside of Seward and across the peninsula from our main plant in Kenai. First fruits of the year. First fruits of the year. Sockeye seeking their spawnin... Sockeye seeking their spawning grounds in Bear Creek.
Each year, the Alaska sockeye salmon season starts off with a lot of hoopla about Copper River. Prices were again ridiculously high this year. Generally the second opening is in Resurrection Bay, one of the fjords on the Kenai Peninsula. Named to commemorate the survival of Alexander Baranov during a brutal storm that broke on Easter Sunday, it is also where some of the season's first fresh sockeye are pulled from the water to make it to the lower 48 – at considerably more reasonable prices.

Call your E&E sales rep for details.

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E&E Foods' Set Netter Husband-Wife Team Chronicles Their Lives Catching Salmon

One of the reasons for the success of E & E Foods' operations in Alaska is our partnership with many courageous set-netters. These intrepid fishermen fight the weather and the unpredictable timing of salmon runs to consistently deliver Bristol Bay sockeye to our floating processor, P/V Cape Greig.

The link below takes you to an Alaska Magazine article that offers a glimpse into the lives of one such set-net team that fishes for E&E on the Ugashik River.

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Yakutat Plant Get Props From Alaska Airlines

E & E Foods' subsidiary, Yakutat Seafoods, supplies a significant amount of fresh, wild, halibut to the lower 48 using Alaska Airlines extensive network. Click on the link below (scroll down past the geoduck article) for an extensive article on Yakutat and Greg Indreland, the plant manager.

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From Land to Water

The Swift Arrow makes the tri... The Swift Arrow makes the trip from one of E&E's riverside storage yards to the river. After being rolled into the slip... After being rolled into the slip by the travelift, the boat is gently lowered into the water.
Each season salmon fishing boats are resurrected from “parking lots” – we have five such lots for boats that fish for us – all across the Alaskan coasts for the short journey to the water. E&E stores 150 boats in our storage yards during the off season. As the season approaches, the boats are either trailered by trucks to boat landings the conventional way or lowered into the water using “travelifts.”

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Flying Sockeyes From Bristol Bay

Lynden Air Cargo's Hercules ... Lynden Air Cargo's Hercules comes to a rest in Kenai. A forklift takes the chartered ... A forklift takes the chartered cargo quickly off the rear of the plane. More beautiful sockeye for pro... More beautiful sockeye for processing at Pacific Star.
Time and temperature are the "twin scourges" of fresh fish. Too much of either diminishes the quality and eventually, the usefulness. The ability to get fish out of the water and quickly headed to consumers requires an effective operational plan and lots of equipment. We work with a number of freight companies to keep the sockeyes moving fast and cold. Yesterday’s post highlighted our first shipment using Everts Air Cargo’s MD-80 to ferry 35,000 lbs. of iced and toted sockeye from King Salmon to Kenai. It took only 23 minutes to unload at Kenai Airport and then just minutes more to deliver to our plant – barely a mile away – and right into production. Today, it’s Lynden Air Cargo’s Hercules and its 40,000 lb. capacity doing the heavy lifting. We plan to keep these two air freight companies busy this year!

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