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【Daisuke Kiba】~Performer~

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【Daisuke Kiba】~...
【Daisuke Kiba】~Performer~

Daisuke Kiba is a kokyū player from Japan. The kokyū is a traditional Japanese string instrument and is played with a bow. Similar to shamisen, the kokyū traditionally has 3 strings. But look at the picture of Daisuke Kiba holding his kokyū. It was 4 strings! That's because he invented his own 4 stringed kokyū by adding a bass string.

He has appeared in educational TV programs on the Japan Broadcasting Corporation 日本放送協会 (NHK), gone on national tours, and participated in movie soundtracks. Now, he is spreading his success overseas to America.

江戸時代より伝わる胡弓の伝統を尊重しつつも、四絃胡弓の開発など、胡弓の可能性を追求している。 NHK Eテレ「にっぽんの芸能 花鳥風月堂」、NHK FM「邦楽ジョッキー」に出演。 吉田兄弟全国ツアーや、映画「駆込み女と駆出し男」サントラに参加など、幅広い分野で活躍中。
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