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Coffee Point Plant Up and Running

Coffee Point is located on Brist... Coffee Point is located on Bristol Bay on the western side of the Alaskan Peninsula Coffee Point is a prominence i... Coffee Point is a prominence in Egegik Bay. The King Salmon River is at the top right; the Egegik River is at center-right. Our plant is north up the beach. The plant manages to move a l... The plant manages to move a lot of sockeye in a short amount of time. Note the "runway" at the bottom of the screen. It doubles as a beach! An offload into a Coastal Air pl... An offload into a Coastal Air plane. This process is repeated multiple times a day until our fish is on its way to customers. Coastal's Pat Shryock makes it all happen! Those are 50# boxes of wild A... Those are 50# boxes of wild Alaskan salmon being hand loaded into the plane.
E&E has a number of Alaskan shore-based plants and our Bristol Bay plant is Coffee Point Seafoods of Washington. Coffee Point is a cape on Egegik Bay, on the western side of the Alaskan Peninsula. The bay marks the confluence of the Egegik and King Salmon Rivers.

Most of the sockeye processed at this plant comes from beach set netters, and because the plant is right on the beach, very little time passes between the fish being caught and headed-and-gutted (H&G). This results in a higher quality fish, as time spent unprocessed is an enemy of freshness.

The final point that makes this plant unique is that the H&G fish are flown off the beach by Coastal Air. As a result, the fish quickly make their way to Anchorage, where they are flown fresh to destination all across the United States. Ask your E&E rep how you can acquire this fresh sockeye.

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Yakutat Frozen Halibut

Greg Indreland, General Manag... Greg Indreland, General Manager and co-owner of the Yakutat plant and his son, Henry, fishing for halibut. Our own Don Gallup, doing a r... Our own Don Gallup, doing a reprise of the famous headless fisherman label E&E uses on its sockeye. Notice the beautiful pristine bellies of this frozen halibut. Open bellies show the freshne... Open bellies show the freshness of the halibut. Our frozen halibut is trimmed ... Our frozen halibut is trimmed and toted.
Among the fish that E&E Foods sells across the country is our Yakutat halibut and our first frozen shipment is now in Seattle in the 40/60 and 60/80 size. Many of the halibut at our Yakutat plant are caught and iced on day boats taking short trips out into the Gulf of Alaska, resulting in the superior quality that makes it such a hit with our customers. If the halibut doesn't head south in its fresh form on Alaska Airlines, it goes right to the freezer to maintain its high quality.

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E&E Foods Goes to the Movies

Publicity poster for the movie,... Publicity poster for the movie, "The Breach", that was screened at the Seattle Art Museum.
Friday, May 15th, some of the E&E Team attended a screening of the documentary film “The Breach,” an emotional account of the plight of wild salmon on the West Coast.

While the film highlights the majesty and power of our current sustainable runs of salmon in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, it does illustrate how much more robust certain historical runs were before the West became heavily populated by humans.

Mark Titus, the film maker, calls for action to ensure that the mistakes of our past don’t continue into the future, and that we preserve the robust fisheries we are fortunate to have year after year. He highlights the Bristol Bay sockeye fishery as a gem worth a priceless amount that should fall at risk to mining in its headwaters; why jeopardize the earths greatest resource of wild food? Titus calls for salmon lovers to “Eat Wild to Save Wild,” providing a full circle support mechanism for the livelihoods of commercial fisherman and the vitality of the resource they (and we) depend on.

As those in attendance dined on E&E Foods' very own Bristol Bay sockeye from our Coffee Point plant (salmon ceviche courtesy of the Taste SAM Restaurant, it was dynamite), we celebrated wild salmon and its future with Seattle area chefs, seafood industry professionals and commercial fishermen preparing for the season. It was inspiring to see much of the Seattle seafood community so interested and supportive of salmon, so thanks to BBRSDA for inviting us and to Mr. Titus for producing such a masterpiece!

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Sockeye Available Year-Round

Copper River, home to the yea... Copper River, home to the year's first sockeye run. Freezer cases look great with... Freezer cases look great with our wild, Alaskan sockeye in them. A beautiful, vacuum-packed, 12... A beautiful, vacuum-packed, 12 oz. sockeye fillet
As hard as it is to believe, the 2015 fresh, wild sockeye salmon season kicks off late next week with the internationally famous Copper River sockeye salmon run. The first opener is on May 14th and lasts for twelve hours. Based on last year’s prices, it is likely to be selling at the wholesale level around $13.00/lb. You read that right, $13.00/lb.!

However, it will still be at least 4-6 weeks before this year’s sockeye pipeline will start filling up since the major Alaskan runs don’t start until mid-June. E&E’s wholesale and retail customers are taking advantage of the year-end lull to replenish their inventory with attractively priced wild, frozen Alaskan sockeye.

One of our biggest hits is an under 1 lb. fillet that both retailers and consumers love because of the great price point and less wasted food (though we can’t understand how anyone would ever waste Alaskan salmon). Let us know how we can fill your freezers with this great product.


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Giving Back to the Community

L to R - Randy Patrick, John ... L to R - Randy Patrick, John Garner, Tab Goto, Jim Harmon Top Donor Award plate Top Donor Award plate At E&E Foods and Seattle Shr... At E&E Foods and Seattle Shrimp what would you expect? Salmon spiced with Ras el Hanout and shrimp with chermoula! Employees enjoying the food Employees enjoying the food SeaShare Executive Director, J... SeaShare Executive Director, Jim Harmon
SeaShare is a non-profit with a fishy mission—it fosters partnerships between government agencies, seafood companies, and food banks in a shared effort to produce food for hunger relief. E&E Foods, its affiliated companies and employees have supported SeaShare and its mission by donating money, product and processing services. See a posting on SeaShares’ blog about our interaction with this great organization.
This week, SeaShare Board Member, John Garner, and Executive Director, Jim Harmon, paid a visit to E&E Foods’ offices to award us with one of their “Top Donor of the Year Awards”.
Not only were we honored by the industry’s foremost not-for-profit provider of healthy seafood to the nation’s food banks, our own gang of expert chefs including Pamela Houle and Todd Byers, along with cast of other food preparers and “cleaner uppers” prepared a delicious lunch in honor of our guests.
We encourage our customers to check out what SeaShare does by taking a look at their web page and their video—donating to this great cause is easy, too!

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Chilean Farm Trip Highlights

As we have seen recently, Chi... As we have seen recently, Chile is a beautiful land of volcanoes. Osorno and Calbuco are shown here. Calbuco recently erupted.
One of our major supplier's i... One of our major supplier's indoor fresh water facilities. The facility recycles 50% of its water, and these systems have an egg to sea success rate of 70% vs. 40-50% in open water. Sea farms are large and comp... Sea farms are large and complex operations, yet are run remarkably efficently. Our supplier has live waiting ... Our supplier has live waiting cages, unusual in Chile, which allow the fish to calm down after being transported. Calmed fish gape less and maintain freshness longer. An example of the freshness of... An example of the freshness of the Chilean Atlantic salmon produced at this plant. Randy with his very first caug... Randy with his very first caught farmed salmon! No doubt his fishing buddies will never let this veteran, wild angler live it down!
Randy Patrick, co-owner and Josh Watts, Atlantic Category Manager, recently spent a week in Chile, visiting with a number of our farmed Atlantic suppliers. E&E is a major importer from Chile and supplier to the US retail market, and periodic due diligence trips to ensure our suppliers are maintaining high production standards is part of our responsibility to our customers. This is a blog where "a picture is worth a thousand words."

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Visit Our Booth At European Seafood Show

Randy Patrick and Chris Rawski Randy Patrick and Chris Rawski
The 2015 European Seafood Exposition is taking place this week in Brussels, Belgium, today thru Wednesday. This annual event offers an excellent opportunity for Company President, Tab Goto, General Manager, Randy Patrick, and our European Sales Manager, Chris Rawski to speak directly with potential and existing European and Asian customers about E&E Foods' continuing expansion and our expectations for the coming season.

The European Seafood Exposition (ESE) is the world's largest seafood fair, attracting buyers and sellers from over 140 countries around the world and featuring close to 1,700 exhibitors.

You can find our booth in Hall 6, Stand 1127, within the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) Pavilion.

Hope to see you there!

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Halibut! Halibut! Halibut!
Ahhh…springtime. A time for new beginnings, melting snow pack (if you’re in the northeast), cleaning, and of course FRESH HALIBUT. At E&E Foods, we are offloading day boat halibut every day to our Yakutat plant, and flying it fresh on the next flight to anywhere Alaska Air flies cargo.
Halibut is a wonderfully versatile fish to cook; you can grill or bake fillet or steaks, and you can fry it to make the best fish and chips you will ever have.
One of our favorite dishes to make with halibut are fish tacos.

Halibut tacos should be simple…..a marinade, some garnishes, and some crema.
For marinade, mix even parts lime juice, tequila and olive oil. Mix in with chopped peppers, onions, capers and minced garlic. Spread over the fish and bake for 10 min at 425 degrees.

Serve with avocado slices, cilantro, and the crema recipe below. Enjoy, happy spring!

For Crema:
• 1/2c sour cream (I use lite)
• 2-3T milk, for thinning
• juice of half a lime
• 1-2t hot sauce, depending on how spicy you like it (like Tapatio)
• 1t taco seasoning
• salt to taste

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Pollock Roe

Pollock Roe
Processed Pollock Roe, usually in what is called mentaiko, is widely consumed in Asia, mostly Japan and less so in South Korea. In fact, a weekly magazine in Japan recently rated it as the most common side dish in Japan, attesting to its popularity.

The unprocessed roe is sold through a series of auctions in various locales round the globe-including Seattle. E & E Foods takes part in the Seattle auction, bidding for a number of lots each time. There are two seasons-A and B-and A Season has two auctions, one in March and one in April.

Customers bid on lots via written offers to the producers, but prior to the bidding process, a parade of inspectors from Asia visit Seattle's Pier 90 and 91 to inspect the latest harvest. Each seller's roe is laid on long tables, categorized by quality, degree of maturity and size, and most inspectors pass silently through, taking pictures and notes, before deciding on what lots to bid on.

It is a fascinating process and one that shows the diversification of E & E Foods' capabilities.

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E & E Naknek Operations

E & E Naknek E & E Naknek Cape Greig Safety Training at t... Cape Greig Safety Training at time of sail Launching the Jeannie J-which... Launching the Jeannie J-which is a landing craft used as a tender
Jeannie J launch Jeannie J launch Vessel in Naknek sitting at tid... Vessel in Naknek sitting at tide change
The E & E Naknek Operations typically open toward the end of May.

Vessels that are "winterized" and stored on shore begin to have their crew arrive in order to prepare for the fishing season.

E & E Foods Salmon tenders and support vessels enter the water toward the end of May in anticipation of the gill net test fisheries that usually begin the first or 2nd week of June.

Our shore-based operation in Bristol Bay is Coffee Point Seafood of Washington, LLC., on North Beach, north of Egegik River.

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