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Landlords may be held liable for bedbugs

The courts may find you liable! The courts may find you liable! Bedbugs are no joke! Bedbugs are no joke!
Bedbugs are tough. And, if you own rental properties the courts may hold you liable for the discomfort they cause your tenants. As reported in the Des Moines Register in May 2014 a class action suit brought by residences of two downtown Des Moines apartments was settled for 2.45 million dollars. It is difficult, if not impossible in all cases to determine the source of bedbugs in rental units. They can enter from adjoining units or they can hitch a ride on tenants belongings from other locations or even enter on used furniture brought into the unit.

The biggest mistake landlords make is to underestimate the problem and the difficulty of eliminating them. This is not a do-it-yourself job. Paratex has extensive experience in dealing with this pest.

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