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Buy Rapacan 1mg Tablet to Treat Immune Disorder

Rapacan 1mg Tablet belongs to a class of drugs called 'immunosuppressants' used to prevent organ rejection after a transplant. Organ rejection occurs when a patient’s immune system recognizes the donor organ as foreign and tries to eliminate it.

Rapacan 1mg Tablet contains Sirolimus is an immunosuppressant. It works by weakening your body's defence system (immune system) to help your body accept the new organ as if it were your own. Thereby prevents organ rejection in transplanted patients and helps the body in accepting the new organ.

It also treats a rare lung disorder called S-LAM (sporadic lymphangioleiomyomatosis). The most common symptom of this disease is shortness of breath. Before taking this medication, you need to talk to your physician if you have liver disorders, intolerance to some sugars, a family history of skin cancer, high cholesterol, or other diseases. Rapacan 1mg Tablet is not recommended for adolescents and children under 18 years of age.

Uses of Rapacan 1mg Tablet:

Prevents rejection of kidney transplant
Sporadic lymphangioleiomyomatosis (lung disease)


Most side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worried about them

Common side effects of Rapacan

1. Nausea
2. Increased blood lipid level
3. Low blood platelets
4. Headache
5. Abdominal pain
6. Fever
7. Anemia (low number of red blood cells)
8. Urinary tract infection
9. Diarrhea
10. High blood pressure
11. Increased creatinine level in blood
12. Joint pain
13. Edema (swelling)

Warning & Precautions:

Talk to your Doctor, if you:

1. Are allergic to Sirolimus or any of the other ingredients of this medicine
2. Have any liver problems
3. Have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 kg/m2
4. Had a previous transplant that was lost to rejection

What is the price of Rapacan 1mg Tablet?

If you want to order online at a reasonable price, simply fill out the "SEND ENQUIRY" form. We will contact you as soon as your order has been placed. For additional information, please contact us at +91-9873336444 or

About Oddway International:

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